How to Unlock Everything in RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch


We live in an instant gratification society. We’re used to getting things now, or at least very quickly. RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, however, wants you to relax and enjoy the ride(s).

To be fair, it’s hardly the only mobile game that makes you play for a while to unlock things, and even the original RollerCoaster Tycoon PC games required research to give you more building options. Besides, if Atari simply gave you the keys to everything right away and said, “Have at it,” you might not be in for the long haul.

Still, there’s also a decent chance you might be wondering exactly when you unlock certain rides, shops and decorations. All of that info is in the game itself, but in the interest of saving you time (and thus pulling this whole discussion full circle), we’ve gone ahead and done all the research for you. The following is a list of everything in the game that unlocks at specific levels as you advance through RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch.

Important note: Don’t forget that even once you reach the appropriate level to unlock a building, you still need to find it for the first time in a pack of cards before you can construct it. Reaching the right level just means those cards will begin to show up in packs. It also could lead to you being able to construct some higher level buildings before lower level ones if you find those cards first.

A word on coasters: It wouldn’t be much of a RollerCoaster Tycoon game without coasters, and Touch has seven different kinds. Keep in mind that before you can build one, you need all four of its basic cards: station, train, tracks and chain lift. Happily, those four cards always unlock at the same level for each coaster type, as you’ll see below.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch

Level 1

  • Merry-Go Round (Junior Ride)
  • Burger Stand (Restaurant)
  • Bathroom (Utility)

Level 2

  • Joystick Arcade (Junior Ride)
  • Frozen Treats (Restaurant)
  • Balloon Stand (Shop)
  • Star Topiary (Foliage Decoration)
  • Maple Tree (Foliage Decoration)
  • Small Pines (Foliage Decoration)

Level 3

  • Haunted House (Family Ride)
  • Lemonade Cart (Restaurant)
  • Teddy Bear Stand (Shop)
  • Elephant Topiary (Foliage Decoration)
  • Poppies (Foliage Decoration)

Level 4

  • Drop Tower (Thrill Ride)
  • Wooden Station (Wooden Custom Coaster)
  • Wooden Train (Wooden Custom Coaster)
  • Wooden Tracks (Wooden Custom Coaster)
  • Wooden Chain Lift (Wooden Custom Coaster)
  • Wooden Helix Down (Wooden Custom Coaster)

Level 5

  • Fortune Teller (Family Game)
  • Pizza Stand (Restaurant)
  • Palm Tree (Adventure Decoration)
  • Plaza Garden (Classic Decoration)
  • Ride Maintenance (Utility)

Level 6

  • Hammer Game (Family Ride)
  • Caramel Popcorn (Restaurant)
  • Tshirt Stand (Shop)
  • Bamboo Plant (Adventure Decoration)

Level 7

  • Zipper (Thrill Ride)
  • Rice Noodle Stand (Restaurant)
  • Miner’s Cart (Western Decoration)
  • Wooden Helix Up (Wooden Custom Coaster)

Level 8

  • Water Gun (Junior Ride)
  • Soft Drink Cart (Restaurant)
  • Baseball Hat Stand (Shop)
  • Blue Iris (Foliage Decoration)

Level 9

  • Helter Skelter (Junior Ride)
  • Casa Mexico (Restaurant)
  • Mayan Temple (Adventure Decoration)
  • Telecom Satellite (Sci-fi Decoration)
  • Rocky Pond (Classic Decoration)

Level 10

  • Whack-A-Mole (Family Ride)
  • Nachos Cart (Restaurant)
  • Balancing Rock (Western Decoration)
  • Information Center (Utility)

Level 11

  • Spinner (Thrill Ride)
  • Gelato Cart (Restaurant)
  • Steel Station (Steel Custom Coaster)
  • Steel Train (Steel Custom Coaster)
  • Steel Tracks (Steel Custom Coaster)
  • Steel Chain Lift (Steel Custom Coaster)

Level 12

  • Cotton Candy Stand (Restaurant)
  • Teepees (Western Decoration)
  • Little Garden (Classic Decoration)

Level 13

  • Observation Tower (Family Ride)
  • Salad Stand (Restaurant)
  • Space Rocket (Sci-fi Decoration)
  • Big Rock (Adventure Decoration)

Level 14

  • Sushi Cart (Restaurant)
  • Cactus (Western Decoration)
  • Steel Helix Down (Steel Custom Coaster)

Level 15

  • Zero-G Zipper (Thrill Ride)
  • Taco Stand (Restaurant)
  • Atari Topiary (Foliage Decoration)
  • Steel Looping (Steel Custom Coaster)

Level 16

  • Vertical Slice (Thrill Ride)
  • Ice Tea Stand (Restaurant)
  • Steel Twist (Steel Custom Coaster)

Level 17

  • Sunglasses Stand (Shop)
  • Exquisite Fountain (Classic Decoration)
  • Geraniums (Foliage Decoration)

Level 18

  • Small Wheel (Junior Ride)
  • Picnic Area (Classic Decoration)
  • Dead Tree (Western Decoration)
  • Penny Fountain (Classic Decoration)

Level 19

  • 4D Cinema (Family Ride)
  • Log Cabin (Restaurant)
  • Solar System (Sci-fi Decoration)
  • Steel Bowtie (Steel Custom Coaster)

Level 20

  • PinaColada Stand (Restaurant)
  • Steel Helix Up (Steel Custom Coaster)
  • Steel Dive Loop (Steel Custom Coaster)

Level 21

  • Bumper Cars (Family Ride)
  • Winged Station (Winged Custom Coaster)
  • Winged Train (Winged Custom Coaster)
  • Winged Tracks (Winged Custom Coaster)
  • Winged Chain Lift (Winged Custom Coaster)

Level 22

  • Pendulum (Thrill Ride)
  • Fries Stand (Restaurant)
  • Foam Finger Stand (Shop)
  • French Garden (Classic Decoration)

Level 23

  • Go Kart (Thrill Ride)
  • Skull Rock (Adventure Decoration)
  • Space Jeep (sci-fi decoration)

Level 24

  • Sushi Stand (Restaurant)
  • Winged Looping (Winged Custom Coaster)

Level 25

  • Twisted Twizzler (Thrill Ride)
  • Cherry On Top (Restaurant)
  • Bird Fountain (Classic Decoration)
  • Steel Corkscrew (Steel Custom Coaster)

Level 26

  • Pirate Ship (Family Ride)
  • Violets (Foliage Decoration)
  • Pond with Bridge (Classic Decoration)
  • Wind Mill (Western Decoration)
  • Steel Batwing (Steel Custom Coaster)

Level 27

  • Tornado (Thrill Ride)
  • Candy Apple Stand (Restaurant)
  • Moon Lander (Sci-fi Decoration)
  • Steel Roll Over (Steel Custom Coaster)

Level 28

  • Popcorn Stand (Restaurant)
  • Winged Corkscrew (Winged Custom Coaster)
  • Winged Inclined Loop (Winged Custom Coaster)

Level 29

  • Log Flume (Family Ride)
  • Juna Statue (Classic Decoration)
  • Steel Immelmann Loop (Steel Custom Coaster)
  • Steel Butterfly (Steel Custom Coaster)

Level 30

  • Seafood Grill (Restaurant)
  • Small Rock (Classic Decoration)
  • Totem Pole (Western Decoration)
  • Winged Non-Inverting Loop (Winged Custom Coaster)

Level 31

  • Tea Cups (Junior Ride)
  • Hyper Station (Hyper Custom Coaster)
  • Hyper Train (Hyper Custom Coaster)
  • Hyper Tracks (Hyper Custom Coaster)
  • Hyper Chain Lift (Hyper Custom Coaster)

Level 32

  • Espresso Stand (Restaurant)
  • Winged Helix Down (Winged Custom Coaster)
  • Winged Dive Loop (Winged Custom Coaster)
  • Hyper Station Christmas (Hyper Custom Coaster)

Level 33

  • Shipwreck (Adventure Decoration)
  • Western Wagon (Western Decoration)
  • Hyper Train Christmas (Hyper Custom Coaster)
  • Hyper Station Valentine (Hyper Custom Coaster)

Level 34

  • Pasta Stand (Restaurant)
  • Winged Twist (Winged Custom Coaster)
  • Hyper Train Valentine (Hyper Custom Coaster)

Level 35

  • Flying Carpet (Thrill Ride)
  • Forest Pine (Foliage Decoration)
  • Pirate Cannon (Adventure Decoration)

Level 36

  • Circus (Family Ride)
  • Space Antenna (Sci-fi Decoration)
  • Water Tower (Western Decoration)

Level 37

  • Asian-2-Go (Restaurant)
  • Winged Zero G Roll (Winged Custom Coaster)

Level 38

  • Ferris Wheel (Family Ride)
  • Barrel’n Bones (Adventure Decoration)

Level 39

  • Churros Stand (Restaurant)
  • Winged Helix Up (Winged Custom Coaster)
  • Winged Immelmann Loop (Winged Custom Coaster)

Level 40

  • Super Flyer (Thrill Ride)
  • Flower Bush (Foliage Decoration)
  • Hyper Helix Down (Hyper Custom Coaster)

Level 41

  • Inverted Station (Inverted Custom Coaster)
  • Inverted Train (Inverted Custom Coaster)
  • Inverted Tracks (Inverted Custom Coaster)
  • Inverted Chain Lift (Inverted Custom Coaster)

Level 42

  • Typhoon (Thrill Ride)
  • Jack the Parrot (Adventure Decoration)
  • Space Station (Sci-fi Decoration)

Level 43

  • Sandwich Stand (Restaurant)
  • Hyper Hammerhead Turn (Hyper Custom Coaster)

Level 44

  • Funslide (Junior Ride)
  • Inverted Helix Down (Inverted Custom Coaster)

Level 45

  • Ghost Train (Thrill Ride)
  • Italian House (Restaurant)
  • Astronaut (Sci-fi Decoration)

Level 46

  • Ring of Fire (Thrill Ride)
  • Inverted Looping (Inverted Custom Coaster)

Level 47

  • Hyper Helix Up (Hyper Custom Coaster)
  • Inverted Cobra Roll (Inverted Custom Coaster)

Level 48

  • Silly Swings (Family Ride)
  • Dumpling Stand (Restaurant)
  • Solar Tree (Sci-fi Decoration)

Level 49

  • Inverted Helix Up (Inverted Custom Coaster)
  • Inverted Batwing (Inverted Custom Coaster)

Level 50

  • Spacewars (Family Ride)
  • Inverted Twist (Inverted Custom Coaster)

Level 51

  • Dive Station (Dive Custom Coaster)
  • Dive Train (Dive Custom Coaster)
  • Dive Tracks (Dive Custom Coaster)
  • Dive Chain Lift (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 53

  • Inverted Bowtie (Inverted Custom Coaster)
  • Inverted Zero G Roll (Inverted Custom Coaster)

Level 54

  • Dive Helix Down (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 55

  • Dive Dive Loop (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 57

  • Dive Side Winder Up (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 58

  • Inverted Pretzel Loop (Inverted Custom Coaster)
  • Inverted Non Inverting Loop (Inverted Custom Coaster)

Level 60

  • Dive Helix Up (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 61

  • Accelerator Station (Accelerator Custom Coaster)
  • Accelerator Train (Accelerator Custom Coaster)
  • Accelerator Tracks (Accelerator Custom Coaster)
  • Accelerator Chain Lift (Accelerator Custom Coaster)

Level 64

  • Dive Corkscrew (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 66

  • Inverted Corkscrew (Inverted Custom Coaster)

Level 67

  • Dive Immelmann Loop (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 68

  • Dive Side Winder Down (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 69

  • Dive Vertical Twist Up (Dive Custom Coaster)
  • Accelerator Top Hat (Accelerator Custom Coaster)

Level 71

  • Accelerator Vertical Twist Up (Accelerator Custom Coaster)

Level 74

  • Dive Vertical Twist Down (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 75

  • Dive Zero G Roll (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 76

  • Dive Non Inverting Loop (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 77

  • Dive Twist (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 78

  • Dive Looping (Dive Custom Coaster)

Level 79

  • Accelerator Helix Down (Accelerator Custom Coaster)

Level 81

  • Accelerator Vertical Twist Down (Accelerator Custom Coaster)

Level 83

  • Accelerator Helix Up (Accelerator Custom Coaster)

Level 85

  • Accelerator Norweigan Loop (Accelerator Custom Coaster)

What about Trophies?

Good question, and congrats on reading all the way to the end! Trophies are special kinds of decorations in RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch that can only be unlocked when you complete achievements. There are currently 17 Trophies in the game, and they give bonuses to nearby rides like other Decorations, so they’re definitely worth checking out.

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