How to Unlock Every Skin in Dunk Hit

By Nick Tylwalk |


Greetings dunkers. If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’ve been playing Dunk Hit and you’re ready to dunk more than just a run of the mill basketballs.

Voodoo’s one-touch hoops game allows you to spread your wings a bit and dunk other things, but you’ll need to put in some work to do so. With dozens of skins to unlock, there’s another one you’re probably already working toward acquiring without even realizing it.

To find out how to unlock any particular skin, simply go to the menu and tap on it. For those of you who can’t be bothered, we can save you that step as we’ve listed them all right here.

(List of skins up to date as of Oct. 9. 2017)

  • Light blue basketball – Score 100 points in one game
  • Royal blue basketball – Score 500 points in one game
  • Pink basketball – Play 100 games
  • Purple basketball – Play 300 games
  • White basketball – Score 500 baskets
  • Red basketball – Score 1000 baskets
  • Yellow basketball – String 10 perfects together
  • Lime green basketball – Score 1000 perfects
  • Donut – Play two consecutive days
  • Heart – Play three consecutive days
  • Star – Play seven consecutive days
  • Soccer ball – Score 25 times without exiting the screen
  • Watermelon – Score five times with the timer at zero
  • Kiwi – End a game with exactly 117 points
  • Fast-running superhero symbol – Score two times in less than 1.5 seconds
  • Cheeseburger – Play with 10 different skins
  • Mjolnir – Chain 30 perfects
  • Cracking planet – Score 1000 perfects in one game
  • Chocolate chip cookie – Score 10,000 baskets
  • Ghost – Bounce the ball 20,000 times manually

There are also three mystery skins you can’t see ahead of time with more enigmatic unlock conditions. One is a skull, which you’ll unlock early on. The other two simply say “The sky’s the limit” and “Everybody plays!” We’ll update this post if and when we figure out what these are and how to add them to your collection.

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