How to unlock Deadpool in Marvel Strike Force

Deadpool doesn’t just show up in a game. He takes the whole thing over, and he makes no bones about it. As the newest playable character in Marvel Strike Force — and only the second one from outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe — everyone’s favorite mutant mercenary is already plastered all over the title screen, most of the menu icons and anywhere else he could pop up. He’s like a fungus, but the good kind. Is there a good kind?

Anyway, Deadpool is on hand to help defeat Ultimus, but in his own inimitable style. Is his arrival the same week as the release of the Deadpool 2 movie a coincidence? No, no it surely is not.

Let’s check out what the Merc with a Mouth brings to the Marvel Strike Force table.

Deadpool Traits and Abilities

It’s perhaps a little disappointing that Deadpool isn’t a Blaster, given his fondness for pistols, but he also likes swords, so making him a Brawler actually does work too. He also has the Hero (debatable as that might be at times), Global, Bio, Mutant and Mercenary traits.

Marvel Strike Force

Deadpool’s base attack is called Dual Pistols, because, well, he shoots enemies, John Woo style. Even at Level 1, it offers a chance for a bonus attack, and it always delivers critical hits against Minions.

Perhaps Deadpool’s most interesting ability is Bounty Hunter, which targets the most injured enemy and ignores Taunts. If it finishes off a foe, it also grants Deadpool Regenerate.

His third attack is called Hack ‘N’ Slash since it busts out the swords, and it always chains to two or more additional enemies. Minions hit by this attack also suffer Bleed. Poor Minions.

Finally, the Merc with a Mouth ability gives Deadpool the ability to Revive with a small amount of health at Level 1. However, at higher levels, it can also heal Deadpool while clearing negative effects, and the more of those it clears, the more it heals. It’s a different twist on a standard revive.

How to unlock Deadpool in Marvel Strike Force

At least for now, there is only one way to get the 100 shards needed to unlock Deadpool, and that’s to open special Deadpool Orbs in the store. Each one will give you anywhere from four to 20 shards, meaning that it could take you as many as 25 or as few as five Deadpool Orbs to do the deed. Sorry, he made us phrase it like that. Most often, it will be somewhere in-between.

Marvel Strike Force

Depending on when you read this, there could be either one or two different ways to earn the 2,000 Deadpool Orb Fragments you’ll need to open one Deadpool Orb. The first is to play through the Merc with a Mouth event, which has 10 chapters in all (some of which, humorously, only let you play Deadpool solo). Clearing all 10 chapters will yield you 16,500 Fragments, enough to open eight Orbs with some to spare.

Assuming that’s not enough to unlock Deadpool, and it very well might not be, you can also earn shards in special Deadpool Raids, which kick off at 8:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 17. It’s quite possible you will still be in your showing of Deadpool 2 at that time, but don’t worry, as you’ll still have a chance to play them after that. With the help of mates from your alliance, you’ll assist Deadpool and Cable (more on him in a second) in disrupting Ultimus’ operations, and as is only appropriate, the currency your alliance needs to save up to start one of these raids is chimichangas. A Spicy Raid costs 26,880 Chimichangas, while an En Fuego Raid requires 33,600.

On Thursday, May 24, Cable joins the fray as a playable character as well, though you’ll have a chance to test him out a little during Deadpool’s event. Be sure to return to Gamezebo for more on the man from the future, and in the meantime, please check out our other Marvel Strike Force guides, including our raid guide and tier list.

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