How to Unlock Daisy in Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run‘s latest update came with two major additions: the first is a set of nine more levels in the single-player Tour mode, available in the new “World Star” category. Each level has a specific challenge associated with it …

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Super Mario Run‘s latest update came with two major additions: the first is a set of nine more levels in the single-player Tour mode, available in the new “World Star” category. Each level has a specific challenge associated with it that must be completed to unlock and play. For example, Star-2 requires you to play the standard World 1-1 in Tour and clear it with only five coins or less.

The other addition is an entirely new mode, called Remix 10, which can be accessed via the yellow pipe on your Kingdom menu. You can also dive into it directly from the main menu upon launching the game, which is suitable to this mode’s speedy, short-burst nature. Remix 10 is available even in the free version of the game if you haven’t purchased all levels, although there is a time limit between plays (that can be bypassed with extra tickets).


In order to unlock this update’s newest character, Daisy, you’ll need to play Remix 10—a lot. Daisy is trapped many levels into Remix 10 and the only way to add her to your roster of playable characters is by completing levels and physically reaching her.

Once you pipe over to Remix 10, you’ll be on its main map screen. You begin in Area 1: Remix 10 is set up as a series of Areas—with your current Area noted at the top of map screen—which contains multiple sets of Courses. Each set is made up of 10 Courses visible on the map as gray circles along the linear path with a black Bowser flag marking the end of each set.

When you play Remix 10, a single “run” consists of all ten Courses in a set played through in a row like a marathon speedrun. This means you’ll begin on Course 1 and when you reach the end, you’ll immediately enter Course 2. Once you make it through all ten Courses in a set, you’ll return to the map and Mario will progress along those ten circles, moving on to the next set—or Area if that was the last set for your given location.


The Courses themselves are extremely short and take only a few seconds to complete. Instead of being full-sized levels like in Tour mode, the Courses in Remix 10 are miniature versions of levels you’ve played before. For instance, you’ll occasionally come across a Bowser battle, but instead of running through his castle and then battling him, you’ll begin the Course standing right in front of him, ready to attack.

You also can’t “lose” a Remix 10 Course. If you are hit while small, instead of bubbling or losing the level, you’ll simply be knocked to the next Course in the set. After finishing Course 10 for a set, you’ll still earn progress along the map for levels you failed. This means you could die on every stage and still progress through the Remix 10 Areas just as quickly.

The benefit of completing Courses is that you get to keep all the Bonus Medals you collect and then use them to earn rewards. There are three large, green and purple Bonus Medals on every Course. As you earn these, they’ll be added to the question mark block on the bottom of the Remix 10 map screen. Once you’ve collected enough, you can tap this box to receive a prize.


The prizes available are items for your Kingdom: every decoration or building can be won in the Remix 10 box except Special buildings (those that appear under the Star category in the Kingdom shop). The Special buildings are those that award new characters or bonus levels and they can still only be earned by collecting the right amount of Toads in Toad Rally. However, you can win normal buildings and decorations that have Toad prerequisites via Remix 10 and bypass their requirements and cost. For instance, we won a Mario Topiary in Remix 10 even though we don’t have the 1,400 Red Toads needed to buy it via the shop.

Whether you’re collecting Bonus Medals or not, as you progress through the Courses and Areas in Remix 10, you’ll come across Area-related rewards. These are visible via the bubbles on the right side of the screen with an orange number on them: the first reward you’ll come across is a bonus gift at Area 3. Upon completing the first set of Area 5, you’ll “catch up to” Toad and earn additional Bonus Medals. As you reach these rewards, their bubbles will be replaced by the next set of upcoming prizes and Areas. (The characters that show up on the Area map itself–usually at the fifth stage of each set of Courses–indicate you’ll be using that character for that Course specifically: so if Yoshi is there, you’ll automatically switch to Yoshi when you play that Course.)


Daisy is waiting all the way at Area 30: this means you’ll need to play Remix 10 until you reach and complete Area 30 in order to unlock her. Most Areas contain two sets of ten Courses, although some contain more. Playing a set costs one Toad Rally ticket. So, even assuming every Area only featured two sets, you’ll need at least 60 tickets to reach Daisy. You should have some bonus tickets in your Kingdom Gift Box as part of the update’s release, but if you’re low on tickets, it’s a good time to start saving up.

The good news is, you only need to get to her in Area 30 to unlock her. There are no crazy challenges or bosses you need to conquer. And since you make progress through Remix 10 whether you actually complete each Course or not, it’s mostly a matter of patience and simply having enough tickets to keep playing.

Once you reach Daisy, she’ll be permanently unlocked as a playable character in any mode. Daisy looks like Princess Peach but has a double-jump ability instead of hover. You can switch characters by accessing the Menu, then Notebook, then Characters from your Kingdom, or you can change characters at the start of a level in Tour or Rally by tapping the icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen after you’ve selected a stage.

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