How to Record Gameplay on the iPhone with iOS 11 Screen Recording

iOS 11 comes with a bunch of new features and tweaks, from new animations to a brand new App Store. One of the most useful additions is the ability to record what you’re doing on your iPhone or iPad — and if you’re a mobile gamer like us, that’s very col indeed.

Appealing to the exhibitionist (or budding YouTuber) in all of us, it’s pretty simple to use once you know how. It is a little hidden away though, so how about we guide you through how to get it all set up?

Step 1 – Head to Settings

  • Rather predictably, you need to dive into Settings on your iOS device to get things started.
  • Once there, scroll down to Control Center (or Centre, if you’re British like me).

how to iOS 11 Screen Recording

Step 2 – Customize Those Controls

how to iOS 11 Screen Recording

  • Inside the Control Center options are some really useful features. Hit Customize Controls and you’ll see exactly what I mean. You can add short cuts to plenty of things, such as your Alarm, Low Power Mode, Notes, and the Stopwatch. Utilizing iOS 11’s new Do Not Disturb While Driving mode? That’s available there too.
  • Tap on the plus sign next to Screen Recording, and the Screen Recording icon will immediately be added to your Control Center.

Step 3 – Dive into Control Center

how to iOS 11 Screen Recording

  • You remember how to get to the Control Center, right? Swipe upwards from the bottom of your screen. You’ll be presented with a set of options a lot like the screenshot here shows you. You can tweak screen brightness, volume, skip a track, or turn your Torch on through this screen.
  • Tap on the circular ‘recording’ button. It’ll immediately switch to a timer counting down from 3. The moment it hits 0 is when it starts recording your screen.

Step 4 – Knowing when it’s recording

how to iOS 11 Screen Recording

  • ‘Oh no!’ I hear you cry. You’re worried about knowing when your phone is recording your taps, right? Don’t worry about it. Whenever that happens, a red recording line is displayed at the top of the screen. It’ll last for as long as you’re recording.
  • All done? Tap on the red line and you’ll be asked whether to stop screen recording or not.
  • Once you hit Stop, your iOS device will stop recording and the video file is sent straight to your Photos folder.

Step 5 – Now what?

  • The world is your oyster! Ok, it’s not, but you can record some footage on your iPhone or iPad very easily now.
  • This provides a lot of options for you.
  • Trying to explain to someone a problem you’ve got on your iOS device? Record a video and send it to them so they know exactly what you mean. Troubleshooting is so much easier when you can see exactly what’s going on.
  • Want to record some footage of a game you’re really enjoying? Well, now it’s super easy to do and you can easily send the video file over to YouTube if you want.

how to iOS 11 Screen Recording

  • iOS screen recording doesn’t just stop at recording the screen either. Hold your finger down on the record button and you can choose to switch on microphone audio. That means you can easily add your own commentary if you want, proving ideal for sharing your thoughts on your favorite game.
  • Oftentimes, the start and end of a recording can be a little tedious as you get things set up. Remember that you can easily edit a video from within the Photos app. Just hit Edit and use your finger to shave a few frames off either side of your video. A well edited video is always more popular.

Step 6 – Changed your mind?

  • Like me and don’t want a cluttered Control Center? Check out this short video below that shows you exactly how to remove Screen Recording from the Control Center. Guess what? It was all made via my iPhone 6s and you can do the same thing too! Maybe make a video of something more exciting though, huh?

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