How to Prestige in Egg, Inc. And Why You Really Should


Who’d have thought running a chicken farm could be so oddly compelling? Turns out the makers of Egg, Inc, Auxbrain, along with everyone who’s played it in recent times. An Idle Clicker type game, it’s great at luring you in with its steady wealth of new chicken based content.

One of the key parts of progressing involves the slightly counter-intuitive concept of Prestiging. It requires you to restart your game while maintaining some crucial parts of your setup. Knowing when to Prestige is important so we’ve explained a little more about the whole thing.

Why do I even want to Prestige?!

How to Prestige in Egg, Inc. And Why You Really Should

  • It’s a fair question, but it is important, despite seeming like a matter of ‘one step forward, two steps back’.
  • Prestiging might have you completely restarting but it also allows you to take your piggy bank, any epic research you’ve accomplished, golden eggs, and Soul Eggs.
  • Soul Eggs are the really nice part of this as they boost your earnings by 10% each. Early on, this might not seem like a massive bonus but it soon builds up. Check out the screenshot below as an example of what playing for a while can do. That’s a huge bonus, right? It can only get better!

How do I get Soul Eggs?

How to Prestige in Egg, Inc. And Why You Really Should

  • The simplest way is merely by playing the game. You have a bar on the Prestige screen that fills up as you earn more money. Gradually, you’ll earn an egg or two through this method. It sounds really slow going but it soon builds up.
  • Soul Eggs can be gained through completing certain missions such as accruing a huge number of chickens on your farm or reaching a hefty lifetime earnings. They won’t be the easiest of missions but you will reach them through regular play. Just be patient. Check out the list every now and then and figure out what you’re going to aim for.
  • Sometimes, the drones that fly by will offer them. Just remember to tap on them to knock them down. It’ll also go towards the Prestige bar so it’s a good way of earning extras.
  • You can also work towards trophies by accruing a particularly huge number of chickens in any farm. Trophies are available for each farm such as having 10 million chickens in an Edible Farm leading to 50,000 Soul Eggs while the same number of chickens in a Super Material Farm will only reap you 5,000 Soul Eggs. It’s going to be time consuming but it’s a good thing to aim towards.

Key Upgrades

How to Prestige in Egg, Inc. And Why You Really Should

  • Golden Eggs are used to research useful skills to boost your earnings. Two key options are available relating to Soul Eggs.
  • Soul Food will boost the bonus you gain per Soul Egg by 1%. That adds up fast when you have a lot of eggs to hand.
  • Prestige bonus gives you 10% more Soul Eggs whenever you Prestige. Again, it all adds up.

When Should I Prestige?

  • Generally, when progress is really slowing down for you is a good time to hit the reset button.
  • Early on, a good rule of thumb is Prestiging at either when you could double your Soul Egg earnings or at about 50 Soul Eggs or so, but it really is a matter of when something feels right to you.

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