How to Play My Talking Hank


My Talking Hank is the latest installment in the popular ‘My Talking’ series of games. Outfit7 has ensured that it’s also possibly the cutest, with Hank the puppy being immediately lovable. While some of the time you’ll be caring for the pup, you’ve also got wild animals to lure to your home.

Gamezebo’s My Talking Hank Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you get to grips with things, as you work towards collecting up all the animals in the game.

The Basics

my talking hank tips tricks and strategies

  • Hank’s a loveable pup, but he needs some guidance on how to look after himself. See the meters at the bottom of the screen? They tell you what Hank needs.
  • If he needs something to eat, tap on the icon and he’ll be taken to a comfy chair and table to eat some food. You can buy a variety of different food. The more you spend, the longer he can go without needing another meal. Odds are you’ll be logging in often, though, so you might as well save your coin for other things.

my talking hank tips tricks and strategies

  • In need of a bathroom break? Send Hank to the bathroom and, well, don’t do anything. He does the rest. Phew.
  • Nap time, Hank often needs a nudge in the right direction. Take him to his hammock, then tap on the sun to turn it into a moon. Come back later when Hank’s all refreshed.
  • If you hit the coat hanger icon, you can change Hank’s clothing. This isn’t vital early on, but soon enough, you’ll have acquired some new bits and pieces, and it’s fun to dress him up.
  • You can earn extra coins by tapping on the bowl full of coins at the bottom of the screen. Simply watch an advert and you gain some free coins. It’s dull but useful.

Animal Luring

my talking hank tips tricks and strategies

  • A lot of the fun to be had comes from attracting animals to your island. This is fairly simple but involved.
  • Starting out, choose whatever food and toys you want. You simply want to attract any animals you can! Keep it cheap, and enjoy snapping photos of what arrives.
  • As you progress and earn money, start using that money to buy more expensive toys. It’s more likely to attract rarer animals, plus it’s more fun. I enjoyed snapping photos just as a hippo bounced on a trampoline, for instance.

my talking hank tips tricks and strategies

  • All animals give you some kind of experience, so make sure you’re always luring them in. It takes time with the first animal only taking a few seconds, before subsequent ones take much longer. Be patient. Set things up before you leave the game for a while. That way, you’re still progressing.
  • Different animals like different things. For instance, zebras and white tigers love synthesizers. You can use diamonds to buy hints that tell you what works for which animal, but this gets very expensive. Just learn to experiment and see what happens.
  • With each animal, if you take a photo of them with 20 different toys, you earn extra coins and a big reward. Don’t forget to do this but don’t expect it to be a fast process. It’s going to take time!
  • Each time, Hank levels up, you gain some new costumes and items. Levelling up is best done through appealing to animals so that’s another great reason to keep working on attracting them.

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