How to Play Great Offense in NBA 2K18


If you’ve jumped into My Career mode in NBA 2K18 for mobile you’ll probably have noticed that it’s more than just your personal stats you’re being judged on – it’s also your ability to be a great team player as measured by the large ever-evolving grade at the top of the screen. But what if your first language isn’t basketball or you’ve become so used to being the superstar that you’re not quite sure what it means to be a true teammate (at least as measured by this game)?

How to Play Great Offense in NBA 2K18

We’re here to help with a two-part guide that will run you through the dos and don’ts of being the best teammate you can be.

In this first part we’ll be looking at the offensive side of the game. Be sure to check out our companion guide to learn how to play great defense in NBA 2K18.


1. Play your position! (especially on transitions)

Your teammates notice how well you make the transition between defence and offense. If you’re a guard, go with the flow of the ball.

2. Choose your shots carefully!

Think about where you are on the court and how closely you’re being guarded before you let the ball fly. Missing a shot is OK (you don’t lose grade points for missed shots) so long as the shot is well chosen.

NBA 2K18 Good Shot Selection

3. Set smart picks

If you aren’t the point guard for your team, your point guard is either reluctantly expecting you to make yourself available for a pass or to eagerly looking for you to help him shake his defender. Setting a great pick (close and slightly to the side of the defender so as to not block your teammate) will go over really well, especially at the top of the key. It’s not a big grade booster, but like remembering to answer the bonus question of your chemistry it can make all the difference at the end of the day.

How to Play Great Offense in NBA 2K18

4. Follow your shots (and your teammates’)

Offensive rebounds are a great way to get a grades boost, so it’s better to try and not land the rebound than to not try at all. Don’t be afraid to get in close – if you need practice lots of the drills you can do on your off days centre around rebounding.

5. Pass

Share the ball. Pass to your teammates who are in a better position than you. You earn credit for both good passes and ball movement, so being selfish really doesn’t pay off.

NBA 2K18 Good Pass


1. Drop the ball (literally)

Turnovers cost you big when you’re on offense. Your meter takes a big hit from the turn-over and a bigger hit from your opponent scoring when he takes that ball on a fast-break. Chances are, that stunned little avatar of yours will even lose points for bad transition defence because you can’t pull yourself together enough to chase him down and get your ball back.

2. Get blocked

Is your defender up in your grill? Don’t shoot. Getting block doesn’t just leave you looking stupid, it also means a big hit to your teammate grade. Wait until you’re in the clear (or pass!).

3, Set bad picks

Setting bad picks can lead to fouls. Most fouls, especially unnecessary fouls, will lead to a big grade knock. It’s the equivalent of accidentally calling your English teacher Mr. Horrid instead of Mr. Horton to his face. It does not end well for you.

4. Think you can pull off a turnaround jumper

Are you Johnny O’Bryant? No? Then don’t try to go for the jump shot if your back is to the basket. You’ll almost certainly get knocked for bad shot selection even if it does go in by some miracle.

NBA 2K18 Bad Shot Selection

5. Hang out in the key

For those who aren’t particularly familiar with the rules of the game, it’s worth noting that any given player on offense can only spend a maximum of three seconds in the key (also known as the post – the coloured area) at a time. Exceed that and the other team gets the ball. You don’t get double dinged for the turnover, but you do take a knock so watch your feet and keep it moving down low.


NBA 2K18 Post Game Conference

While it doesn’t factor into your in-game performance grade, being a great teammate in NBA 2K18 extends beyond offense and defense off the court. With each post-game interview you have the power to further solidify or damage the team’s chemistry so choose your words carefully. Your fans around the country might appreciate a bit of swagger, but cheering alone doesn’t win championships and you won’t get much of a chance to shine like a star when riding the bench.

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