How to play for free in The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is a free to play game, but microtransactions love to creep their way in. You can purchase SimCash with real money, which lets you buy certain clothing items, furniture, and speed up tasks. But you don’t need it! You can easily enjoy every aspect of The Sims Mobile without paying a cent. Here’s how to play and enjoy The Sims Mobile, completely for free.

the sims mobile

Treat it as an idle game

Right off the bat, you should get accustomed to The Sims Mobile as a “set and forget” kind of game. After the tutorial, everything you want your Sims to do will generally take an hour or more. That’s fine, though! There are lots of games like that. If you immediately get used to setting all your Sims to their tasks and then closing the game, you won’t feel pressured to constantly speed them up and complete things instantly. There aren’t any tasks in the game that benefit from you paying SimCash to finish them right away, so relax and let your Sims do their thing.

Get new Sims ASAP

It may be tempting to spend SimCash on trinkets and furniture right away, but stay your hand. Save up that SimCash to purchase two more Sims, first. As an idle game, the more Sims you have doing tasks at a time, the more rewards you can collect in the long run. It’s an early investment that will pay off big as the SimCash and other currencies start to roll in.

the sims mobile

Plan ahead

Don’t just spend SimCash willy-nilly. You can earn it, but it’s a rarer commodity. Plan ahead for which furniture and clothing items you want to complete your perfect look. The last thing you want is to end up dumping SimCash on an item that will sit in your inventory and never get used.

the sims mobile

Let the money flow

SimCash is earned in two ways: quests, and leveling up. Leveling up will happen at a fairly steady speed as you finish tasks and earn experience, but quests are things you can control. Check your quests regularly and focus on finishing the ones that provide SimCash. You’ll continually unlock more quests, do don’t worry about running out. There are a limited number of hours in a day, so if you’re wasting time finishing quests that don’t give SimCash…well, you won’t get SimCash as quickly!

Generally the quests that dish out SimCash will be ones that focus on major milestones such as finishing Hobbies, getting married, and so forth. In these cases, it can be good to have each Sim assigned a particular goal (career mastery, for example) and focused on that. Well-roundedness may be good in our real lives, but in The Sims, it can make it difficult to accomplish important goals. But if you stay focused, you’ll likely accomplish many of the smaller goals as you finish big ones. And don’t forget easy goals like buying furniture (with coins!) or giving out stickers!

the sims mobile

Fashion forward

Speaking of stickers, make sure you’re giving those out regularly. One of your Daily Tasks will be to give out stickers and receive currency that can be used at the Fashion shop to create new clothing items. These clothing items will have important boosts that will let you receive greater rewards from certain tasks. You can also earn the currency for this by attending parties so that other players can see you and give you stickers. Don’t let partygoing detract from quest completion, but if you want to have a dedicated party Sim until you can get enough clothing to boost yourself, that wouldn’t be a terrible choice.

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