How to play for free in My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever is a free game stuffed with ads and microtransactions, but it has a delightful secret: you really don’t ever need to pay money to enjoy it, at all. There are two forms of currency in My Tamagotchi Forever: Coins and Gems. Gems, the more expensive of the two, are almost worthless. They allow you to unlock certain things early if you like, but you’ll eventually get everything you want through playing the game over time. A bit of patience will get you there.

Coins are a bit stickier, and you’ll need a lot of them to progress past certain milestones. You don’t need to trade Gems for Coins, though. Here’s everything you can do to make sure you earn enough Coins to never have to spend real money in My Tamagotchi Forever:

my tamagotchi forever

Play minigames daily

My Tamagotchi Forever’s minigames can earn you coins as long as your pets have energy to play them, so play as much as you can. If you’re strapped for time, you can focus only on finishing whatever the daily challenge is for the coin reward. I recommend doing that and, instead of petting your Tamagotchi when it’s bored, engaging in a quick game instead. It takes a bit longer, but it actually pays off.

Check in constantly

My Tamagotchi Forever can get a bit exasperating with all its push notifications, but if you really want to play for free, suck it up and turn them on. Check in with your pet and take care of its needs whenever it asks, as soon as it asks.

Aside from just making a pet happy, this is important because the faster your pet levels up, the faster you level up. And every time you level up, you get rewards: gems, coins, and other things. Level up rewards can be the biggest chunks of change you acquire in My Tamagotchi Forever, so make sure your pets are always attended to so that they keep pouring in.

my tamagotchi forever

Check Tama Town

Tama Town may not seem all that interesting, since anything you could want to do there can be accessed from the menu. But it has one key feature: sometimes, rewards will appear. You can see gift boxes floating above Tamagotchi heads that, when tapped, net 2000 coins or a whopping 4000 if you watch the ad. It goes without saying: get these!

These rewards appear fairly frequently, you just need to check in as often as possible to ensure you don’t miss them. Look for a “!” symbol above the neighborhood so you’ll know something new has appeared.

Shower regularly

I’m not joking. Showering is important! It’s especially important for Tamagotchis, who get dirty just like people do. Showering cleans them off and also gives you coins based on how much dirt you removed, up to a maximum of 20 coins.

It’s not a lot, but if you stay on top of it, you can make a few extra hundred coins a day. Wash behind the ears and make sure your Tamagotchis are always clean. Like leveling up, you lose out on speed by ignoring your Tamagotchis for long periods of time.

my tamagotchi forever

How should I spend all this loot?

Gems are an odd bird in that they don’t do an awful lot besides buy certain special foods (needed to evolve certain Tamagotchis) and speed up certain unlocks. Save them for the food. Everything else can be done in its own time.

Coins are important to accomplish your end goal of finishing your scrapbook and getting Tamagotchis in every career. You need coins to unlock costumes and new features in Tama Town. Carefully keep an eye on the next “smallest” expense you’ll have, save up for it, then spend, all the while making sure you have enough to buy outfits if you need them when your Tamagotchis become adults. It’s a delicate balancing act.

Keep on raising those Tamagotchis and soon you’ll have a full book for free! Don’t forget to check out our guide on unlocking every Tamagotchi in the game, too.

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