How To Play Cheese Escape – A Beginner’s Guide


Trying to get your hands on that cheese but keep getting turned around and thwarted by the Giant Rat? Well, we’re here to help! Our How To Play Cheese Escape guide will show you how to outwit the rodent of unusual size.

Cheese Escape is a Roblox game where you must navigate a maze and look for cheese. The trouble is, you’re not alone in the maze. A huge rat will pursue you, and if he catches you you’re in trouble.

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How To Play Cheese Escape

Here we’ll try and explain everything you need to know about playing Cheese Escape.

The Maze

Most of the game takes place in a maze made out of cheese, hopefully you’re not lactose intolerant. The walls and floors are all made of the same stuff so it’s easy to get lost. You can use the old trick of following along the left wall until you find what you need. This is made a little trickier with the presence of The Rat.

To leave the maze, you will need to find nine pieces of cheese hidden around the area.

The Rat

The Rat is an enemy that pursues players around the maze. If he gets close to you he will pursue you, and you’ll need to get to an area he can’t access to escape him. When The Rat is pursuing another player you may have more opportunities to get around.

If The Rat touches you, it’s game over and you’ll restart in the safe zone with none of your items.

You can evade The Rat by climbing ladders, going through narrow openings, or passing through locked doors.

The Keys

Walking around the area you will encounter blocked-off areas with colored locks on the front of them. You can unlock these doors using correspondingly-colored keys scattered around the map.

Once you have the key, equip it to pass through the door.

The Exit

The maze’s exit door opens up when you collect nice pieces of cheese. This means you can complete the game, but be careful! The Rat will pursue you even more aggressively once the door has opened.  Make use of narrow gaps to evade it.

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