How to Pick the Right Character in Bowmasters


Bowmasters is a rather fun game of shooting things at your opponent. It’s exceptionally violent but it’s done in such an over the top, cartoon style way, that you’ll be caught up in its peculiar charm.

One of its biggest selling points is its wealth of different characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. We’ve taken a little look at what you should know about the characters and weapons that you can choose from.

The Really Obvious Thing

How to Pick the Right Character in Bowmasters

  • It doesn’t matter what weapon you’re using if your aim sucks.
  • Start each round by using full power and adjusting the angle to about 14%. Generally, this is a good way to start out as oftentimes, you’ll hit your opponent. For those rare times where you don’t, use how it did hit to figure out what to do next. Didn’t reach your target? Increase the angle. Overshot it? Lower the angle and maybe reduce the power too.

Know your Weapon Types

How to Pick the Right Character in Bowmasters

  • Bowmasters offers a few different weapon types and each requires a different form of strategy.
  • ‘Normal’ or straight weapons are things like Julius’s spear, an arrow, or flag. They’re typically slim and straight meaning their aim is true. Often quite small in size with a limited area of effect, you need to aim accurately with these.
  • However, that makes them perfect for headshots as they can inflict a lot of damage if you hit the right place.
  • Circular or rotating projectiles are much heavier and larger than straight weapons meaning they fly slower. However, their size and heft means you don’t have to worry so much about being pinpoint accurate. Oftentimes, simply getting in the ballpark area will cause some damage to your opponent, even if it’s not the maximum damage possible.

How to Pick the Right Character in Bowmasters

  • Characters like Arnold with his tomahawk and the Lumberjack with his chainsaw are the epitome of circular weapon users.
  • Special weapons are also an option. These are things like a gamepad that can be thrown creating an electrical field around where it lands, and a magic card that turns into 5 cards inflicting damage around it.
  • With each special weapon, the key to them is to tap on screen while they’re in the air, thereby activating their special attack.
  • Timing is everything with special attacks but if you nail it, you’re going to cause tons of damage.

Different Characters for Different Folk

How to Pick the Right Character in Bowmasters

  • Every now and then, you’ll be given the chance to try out a character for free. Always take advantage of this. It’s fun and you can learn something about them. That means when it comes to knowing who to purchase next, you’ll know who you particularly enjoy using.
  • Some characters definitely seem more powerful than others. My preference is the Lumberjack.
  • His chainsaw can cause a chain (heh) attack of damage if you get things just right as its spinning motion cuts up your enemy a lot. It’s satisfying and hideously messy. The downside is that he costs 10,000 coins to buy.
  • There’s also Maestro, whose attack is a bottle of acid. You can cause damage through the initial hit as well as if your opponent falls into the pool of acid left behind.
  • The Hipster with his selfie stick might look weak and puny, but you can actually wipe out most opponents with two well aimed shots. Give him a try.

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