How to Level Up in Solo Leveling Arise

Our How to Level Up Fast in Solo Leveling Arise guide goes over the best methods of obtaining EXP quickly every day.

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Want to know how to level up fast in Solo Leveling Arise? Other than playing the game every day, there are a couple of ways to earn bonus EXP without having to put in too much effort.

The Solo Leveling Arise official website contains all the information you need regarding lore, characters, and more. The site also includes download links to all available platforms, but you can also find those links at the bottom of this guide!

Level Up Fast in Solo Leveling Arise

To level up in Solo Leveling Arise, you need plenty of EXP! You can earn EXP by doing almost anything in the game, and it works a little similarly to farming Gold. However, EXP appears as a reward in a few more instances, making it much easier to farm overall. Our Solo Leveling Arise Gold Farm guide should help out if you’re struggling to keep your Gold up!


Onto the Gates mode! You have a limited supply of Gate Keys every day, so remember to use them all up during your dailies. Completing a Gate mission rewards you with tons of EXP, so the more Gate Keys you utilise, the better.

While on the Gates page, you can also see a Gate Missions box at the bottom. Working through these missions rewards you with even more bonus EXP! You start with 11 Gate Keys, which then increases as you progress.

AFK Play

The Activity Funds generator produces tons of EXP over time, whether you’re actively playing the game or not. As the day goes on, you earn EXP, which then increases as your Activity Funds Tier climbs. You go up a tier by getting Sung Jinwoo to certain level milestones! The same goes for levelling up your Hunters too, but they passively earn EXP without requiring a specified level.


Yep, working through the main story grants you EXP too! However, you’ll eventually reach a wall that you can’t pass, as you need more EXP to level up. This is when you can put all your focus into the above methods. The main reason players want to level up is so they can continue with the story, or unlock new features that are locked behind level milestones. Still, the story missions themselves reward you with EXP from the get-go, so try to keep up with each chapter as much as possible.

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