How To Get The Grim Reaper Badge Ability Wars

Want to become a spooky scary skeleton? This guide tells you how to get the Grim Reaper badge in Ability Wars!

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You read the title! This is how to get the Grim Reaper badge in Ability Wars. Our walkthrough makes the steps to becoming a Grim Reaper EZ PZ.

Ability Wars is an action-packed PvP Roblox game that sees you battling it out in an arena to climb the ranks. New and more powerful abilities can be unlocked by obtaining a sufficient amount of Punches! Or by earning special Badges when completing achievements.

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How To Get The Grim Reaper Badge Ability Wars

We have broken this guide down into sections for clarity

The Prep

To begin we recommend getting an ability that allows you to manoeuvre quicker such as the Engineer or Energy Drink. With either of these equipped it becomes easier to punch people around the maps. You’ll want to save up Candy which is given every time you punch a player.

  • 1 punch – 1 candy
  • killed player – 3 candy
  • knocked off the map – no candy generated

The other way to increase your Candy bounty is from the Raining Candy. You can use Robux to summon one or try your luck waiting as they happen rarely and randomly.

Grim Reaper Badge

Talk to the cat who hosts the in-game Candy Shop, and have a browse of the wares. They can sell old event abilities too. The Reaper Ability can be purchased for 2500 Candy. When you get the ability you will automatically get the Grim Reaper Badge.

Reaper Ability

When active, the user gets a sick-looking scythe with a grim purple aura. There are a few attacks that come with the Grim Reaper ability which are:

  • Slash – A regular one-strike attack which hits the target once.
  • Spin Slash – A quick move which deals knockback damage and strikes the opponent from swinging the scythe in a circle.
  • Punting – Knocks the target upwards in a ring of aura dealing strike damage.

Please note the titles for the moves aren’t the official names! We aren’t sure if the move sets have names or if they’re just abilities with the key bind. Give us a little more time to figure that out.

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