How to Get the Good Ending in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 has three endings. The “bad ending” is achieved by playing all five nights normally. The neutral ending is achieved by completing Nightmare Mode, which is unlocked after completing the previous five nights. The final ending, the “good ending,” wraps up the series’ story and unlocks all the game’s bonus content.

Getting the good ending requires you to decipher the clues that show up in the Atari-style minigames you play in between nights. Putting them all together can be quite a chore, so here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get the best ending in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3.

Night Two

how to get five nights at freddy's 3 good ending

  • Double-click on the poster of Balloon Boy on camera 8.
  • Collect the balloons in the BB’s Air Adventure game.
  • When the exit door appears, don’t go through it. Instead, jump through the upper-left hand corner of the room and float down to the bottom.
  • Proceed to the right and jump through the right-hand wall in the last room. Grab the flashing balloon.
  • Switch to camera 7. Press the buttons on the arcade cabinet in the following order: Top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right.
  • You’ll enter another game, Mangle’s Quest. Collect Mangle’s parts, and avoid the over-excited kid running around on the bottom of the level.
  • Once you collect Mangle’s parts, the exit will appear. Again, don’t leave. Instead, jump on the platform above the door and jump through the upper left-hand corner. You’ll fall to the bottom of the screen.
  • Proceed to the left, and jump up the floating balloons. Collect the cake at the top.
  • Return to Balloon Boy’s minigame by clicking on his poster on camera 8. Collect the balloons again.
  • Jump through the false wall once more. Instead of falling to the ground, you’ll fall on a balloon platform.
  • Move to the right by jumping from balloon to balloon. Approach the crying kid to give him cake.
  • Finish Night Two normally.

Night Three

how to get five nights at freddy's 3 good ending

  • Look at the feed on camera 2, 3, 4, and 6. You should be able to spot a cupcake in each room. If you’re having a hard time spotting them, look for the glowing white eyes.
  • Once you collect all four cupcakes, you’ll be transported to Chica’s Party, your next minigame.
  • You can collect cupcakes and give them to the kids, but it’s not necessary. When you’re ready, fall through the hole on the first screen.
  • In the next room, hop over the barrier in the upper left-hand side of the screen. You’ll fall down to the next level.
  • Jump up the balloon platforms to deliver cake to the next crying child.
  • Finish Night Three normally.

Night Four

how to get five nights at freddy's 3 good ending

  • If you look at the tiles on the walls of your office, you’ll notice a nine-by-nine group of tiles between Bonnie’s guitar and a wastebasket. Think of this “grid” as a keypad, and enter the following numbers: 395248. You’ll enter the next game, Stage01.
  • This one’s a bit tricky. There are nine identical screens that are set up in a nine-by-nine grid like the number pad. It helps to keep that format in mind while you navigate the game.
  • If you jump on the kids, Freddy will “glitch out,” move through the bottom of the stage, and fall to the very bottom of the game.
  • Move two rooms to the right.
  • Don’t go through the exit door. Instead, jump against the left side of the screen border and glitch up to the top.
  • Jump to the right.
  • Glitch up to the top of that room, and move left.
  • When you get about halfway across the screen border, jump up again to glitch into the room above you.
  • Jump against the right-side border to glitch to the top of the level.
  • Go left and jump up again around the border’s halfway point.
  • Jump against the left wall to get to the top of the room.
  • Proceed right, and jump off the right side of the screen to find an isolated room with a crying child inside. Deliver his cake. Whew!

Night Five

how to get five nights at freddy's 3 good ending

  • There’s a Shadow Bonnie plushie on the right side of your desk. Click it to enter Shadow Bonnie’s game.
  • Shift through the other games until you reach BB’s Air Adventure again.
  • Jump through the false wall in the upper left-hand corner of the room.
  • Shift the game screens again until you find yourself in a purple room with a crying child. Give him cake.
  • Once you’re back in the game, switch to camera 3. Click the poster of the Puppet to enter the Happiest Day minigame.
  • Simply go right to meet up with the kids you’ve saved.
  • Finish Night Five normally. Once you’re done, you’ll get the good ending, the third star, and all the unlockable bonuses. Hooray!

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