How to Get Rare Cars in CSR Racing 2

There’s nothing quite like walking out to your garage and seeing a few million dollars worth of expensive and hard to find cars sitting there just waiting for you to hop in and take a spin. Or at least that’s …

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There’s nothing quite like walking out to your garage and seeing a few million dollars worth of expensive and hard to find cars sitting there just waiting for you to hop in and take a spin. Or at least that’s probably how it feels to be Jay Leno or a random celebrity. For the rest of us, there’s CSR Racing 2.

Not only have NaturalMotion and Zynga packed the game with cars that most of us won’t ever get to touch in real life, let alone drive, they’ve also thrown in rarer versions of less exotic vehicles that you come across as you advance through the five tiers of the single-player campaign. Even starter cars like the MINI Cooper S come have rarer counterparts.

Why does this matter? Rare cars can fit more fusion parts, which are additional components you can add on to upgraded parts of your car. Fusion parts tend to add only a few points to your vehicle’s performance potential, but those can be the difference between your ride and the ones you come up against when racing.

With that in mind, you’ll want to snatch up the rarest versions of all the cars you’ll find in CSR Racing 2. And this is your lucky day, because we’re going to tell you how to do that right now.

Hit the Rare Imports Tab

CSR Racing 2 Rare Imports

The word ‘rare’ is right in the name, so you know you’re in the right place. You can access Rare Imports by tapping the key icon, second from the left on the game’s bottom navigation menu.

It’s not clear exactly what kind of connections Donna has, but she comes through for you, provided you have the right kinds of keys. Bronze keys are the most common, and generally tend to yield you parts, not car. Still, a one-star rare car does get delivered to you every so often this way, and you get a free Bronze shipment every four hours, so don’t discount it altogether.

The good stuff is in the Silver and Gold shipments. These two always result in a rare car, with Gold shipments promising one between three and five stars. The more stars, the more fusion parts a rare car can fit.

How do you get your hands on Silver and Gold keys? There are several ways, including winning streaks in live races, completely finishing some limited time game modes and placing well in crew championships. Keep your eyes peeled and make those races your priority whenever possible.

Join a Top Crew

CSR Racing 2 Crew Championship prize

Rare cars seem like they will be a primary draw for the crew championships in CSR Racing 2. Every season has had one since the game’s wide launch, and it just makes sense as an incentive for players to explore the main social addition to the sequel.

That means you could win some of the coolest rides around without even having to do all the work. But it requires joining a top notch crew, one that has a realistic shot at earning enough Respect Points to finish in the top 10 globally.

Build up a solid rep for yourself, play often and watch for openings in solid crews. You’ll probably have to submit a request to join since the best crews aren’t likely to be open to the public, but it’s worth a shot.

Straight Cash, Homie

CSR Racing 2

The final way to secure some rare cars is the same way you’d do it in the real world. By that, I mean buying them with actual money — though a lot less of it, thankfully.

If you play CSR Racing 2 regularly, you’ll be presented with bundle offers of various kinds on a regular basis. These feature in-game cash and gold but almost always include a rare car as well.

Failing that, you can also spend money on keys in the game’s regular store. Tap the plus sign in the upper-right corner of any screen. Once in the store, you can tap the ‘Keys’ tab to find all three levels of keys from Rare Imports.

The price can be a little steep, but remember that Silver and Gold shipments guarantee a rare car of some kind, so there’s no chance you’ll come up completely empty-handed if you decide to pull the trigger.

Don’t forget to stock up on as many fusion parts as possible for your rare cars once you obtain them, since those provide the main advantages to having these beauties in your collection in the first place. It might even be worth it to strip parts from lower rarity rides from the same manufacturer if necessary. Happy hunting!

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