How to Get Peaches in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Peaches, also known as “Cream” (or “Kuriimu-san”) in Japan, is a highly-elusive cat in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. She’s the bane of all Neko Atsume players, as she tends to make very short visits and then hide away for days at a time. This makes it difficult to get a good picture of her for your Catbook.


Peaches is a cream-colored calico, which is another reason why she’s easy to miss: There are a lot of calico cats in Neko Atsume! Peaches’ most distinctive feature is the heart-shaped spot on her flank.

Why is Peaches so hard to attract?

There’s a good chance you’ll see all of Neko Atsume’s rare themed cats before you see Peaches even once. She’s a shy kitty to begin with, and her power level is very low.


A cat’s “power level” seems to determine how pushy they’ll be when there’s a toy or item they want to use. For instance, if a cat wants to play with the Twisty Rail toy but it’s already occupied, they may take over if their power level is higher than the power level of the cat who’s currently playing with it. On the flip-side, a cat with a low power level will leave without putting up a fight.

As Peaches’ power level is quite low, she’s more likely to slink away from a highly-populated yard.

So how do I get Peaches to visit?

There doesn’t seem to be a precise art or science to attracting Peaches, but there are some ways to improve your chances.


  • First, nail down what Peaches looks like — As stated earlier, it’s easy to get Peaches mixed up with the other calicos that visit. Scan your yard carefully every time you load it up. Unlike the other calicos in Neko Atsume, Peaches’ base color isn’t white; it’s cream. You may also be able to spot the heart on her flank if she’s facing in the right direction.
  • Visit often! — Since Peaches makes short visits, it’s important to check in often. You never know when you might miss her.
  • Expand your yard –– The more space you have, the more room you have to put down Peaches’ favorite toys.
  • Buy her favorite toys –– Surprisingly, Peaches isn’t fussy about toys; she loves nearly everything. However, she seems to be especially fond of the Cat Metropolis, the Twisty Rail, the Cat Pancake, and all kinds of hammocks and cushions. In fact, Peaches seems to prefer lounging to playing, so try providing her with lots of opportunities to rest.
  • Put down Deluxe Tuna Bitz –– Peaches will eat anything, but like most of the cats in Neko Atsume, she’s especially fond of high-quality food. Moreover, Deluxe Tuna Bitz attracts a lot of cats, which makes it likelier Peaches will be amongst them. Just make sure there are lots of toys and items in your yard, too, as Peaches is far likelier to fill a vacant spot than to fight for an occupied one.
  • Don’t get frustrated if you miss her, that’s your cue to keep looking! — Though it’s not confirmed, Peaches seems to make batch visits. If you miss her once (you’ll know when her question mark silhouette in your Catbook is replaced by a darkened profile), there’s a solid chance she’ll be back again quite soon. However, after she’s made a few close visits, she may disappear for days at a time. Be vigilant!

When will Peaches leave me a gift?

All of Neko Atsume’s cats will gift you with a precious kitty treasure after making several regular visits. Thankfully, Peaches is pretty generous, and shouldn’t keep you waiting too long for your gift. I received mine after she visited nine times.


Results may vary, though.

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