How To Get More DNA in Jurassic World: The Game

By Nick Tylwalk |

DNA is a magical thing. Maybe not quite as magical as in Jurassic Park, where it brought the dinosaurs back to life, or in the Jurassic World movie, where (slight spoilers ahead), it’s apparently able to cook up any kind of hybrid dinosaur you can conceive. I’m not a biologist or geneticist, but I’m pretty sure we haven’t yet arrived at the point where you can blend DNA up like a mixed drink.

That’s real life for you. In Jurassic World: The Game, DNA is even more wondrous than it is on the big screen, able to bring new dinos to life after just a few minutes or hours in the incubator. It’s also essential for your mad scientist work in the creation lab, where you use it to splice dinosaurs together, moral implications be damned.

The problem is that there never seems to be enough of it. So how do you find more DNA to keep your Jurassic World: The Game progress rolling? You’ve got four options:

Find DNA in card packs


Not every pack has DNA in it, but many of them do. You can pay for card packs with real money if you so choose, but you also get a free pack every six hours. If you’re stuck for DNA and have enough patience, simply waiting for the next free pack to arrive will often do the trick.

Watch a video or two


Like many of today’s mobile games, Jurassic World: The Game is monetized partially by videos that gamers can choose to watch. Simply tap on your DNA total at the top of the main screen, then tap the green “GET IT FREE” button in the pop-up graphic. The video will start automatically, and you’ll be rewarded with a few strands (that is what they’re called, right?) of DNA. You can only do this a few times a day, so it’s not the most efficient way to go about getting more, but it’ll do in a pinch or when you are close but not quite at the level you need.

Finish some more missions


Again, not every mission awards DNA, but some of them do. Tap on the Missions icon on the left side of the screen to call up any you currently have active, then highlight each one individually to see what rewards you can earn upon completion.

Sell unwanted dinosaurs


Look, I like a good triceratops as much as the next guy, but if you’ve been playing for any length of time, you’re going to end up with a whole bunch of those horned bad boys. Once you’ve hatched and placed a dinosaur, you can sell it simply by calling him up on screen and tapping the “Sell” icon on the left-hand side. Note that you don’t get as much DNA back from a sale as you would for “buying” it by spending DNA, so this is usually a good idea if you got the superfluous dino in a free card pack or are otherwise extremely desperate. You’ll get a pop-up window that warns you of the impending sale in case you have second thoughts before you pull the trigger.

That should ensure you always have options when it comes to DNA, so best of luck — and try not to use it to create something that will eat all of us, okay?

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