How to Get More Coins in Pokemon Duel

Whether money makes the world go round is definitely up for debate, but one thing that can’t be argued is that you need some of it in the form of coins for Pokemon Duel. Coins are used in the Fusion …

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Whether money makes the world go round is definitely up for debate, but one thing that can’t be argued is that you need some of it in the form of coins for Pokemon Duel. Coins are used in the Fusion process which makes your Pokemon figures more powerful, and thus are essential to have on hand as you work your way up the ranks.

Rarer and higher level Pokemon figures take increasing amounts of coins to level up (as well as other figures to sacrifice during Fusion), and you’ll quickly learn that the amount of coins you have on hand can disappear quickly. How can you get more?

We’re here to help. Though we’re not guaranteeing your Pokemon Duel avatar will ever be doing laps in coins like Scrooge McDuck, we can help make sure you aren’t broke all the time either and unable to get your Pokemon to where you want them to be.

Complete Some Quests

Pokemon Duel

PvP play is the bread and butter of Pokemon Duel, as evidenced by the fact that the single-player Quests are kind of hidden away. To find them, you’ll need to hit the menu icon next to the big ‘Play’ button on the game’s main menu and then select the appropriately named ‘Quests’ icon.

These single-player battles have you working your way through various duels of increasing difficulty as you attempt to battle your way to the top floor of each hotel and beat the owner to claim his or her emblem. It’s also how you’ll experience the story of Pokemon Duel.

For our purposes, though, they’re a good way to earn coins. For each victory, you’ll receive a modest amount of XP for each Pokemon figure you use and some coins. There’s also an additional prize that comes via a wheel that’s spun after the duel. If the wheel lands on blue, you receive a Pokemon figure, but if it lands on red, you’ll get coins instead.

Sell Some Ingots

Pokemon Duel

Another part of the overall Pokemon Duel landscape that isn’t immediately clear is that there are special items called Ingots that you can sell for coins instead of using as fodder to level up your Pokemon through Fusion. Like the figures, Ingots come in different rarity levels from Common to EX, with rarer Ingots earning you more coins when sold. You’ll find Ingots in the Time Boosters that you win in League duels.

To sell your Ingots, you need to tap the ‘Shop’ icon from the bottom navigation menu and then select the option that says ‘Exchange Coins’ on the right. Again, this is not necessarily something you’d ferret out on your own.

The next screen will show you all the items in your inventory and the amount of coins you’ll receive for selling them. Just tap on them and they will be added to the row up top — you can sell up to five items at one time — then hit the ‘Exchange’ button and voila, you’re richer. Nicely done.

You’ll also want to use this same screen for our third and final option …

Sell Some Pokemon Figures

Pokemon Duel

This could also be what your mom/spouse/significant other yells at you in real life. Just like Ingots, Pokemon figures can be exchanged for coins, and the ‘Exchange Coins’ screen lets you know exactly how much you’ll earn for each one.

Alas, this should be viewed as a last resort. Pokemon figures, even duplicates, are much more valuable to use as Fusion material for the figures you want to level up. They bring in relatively small returns unless you’re talking about Rare or EX Pokemon, and those are figures you’ll likely want to hold onto for actual use in decks.

And just like Kool G Rap once said, you should now be on the road to riches in Pokemon Duel. Be sure to check back with us here at Gamezebo for more guides and tips to help make you a better duelist.

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