How To Get Mink V2 In King Legacy

You want to know how to get Mink V2 in King Legacy and we know how! We have the full walkthrough so you can become the toughest animal.

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If you want to know how to Get Mink V2 In King Legacy then be sure to have a read of our guide. We have made an easy-to-follow guide so you know all the steps to take before you can obtain the Mink V2, plus a little information about what the Mink V2 is!

How To Get Mink V2 King Legacy

So let’s get straight into the guide!

Prep To Do First

To begin, you will need around 8,500 Carrots, as well as the Mink V1 race, and 500,000 Beli. Races can be rolled for by speaking to Hector, who is located at the Starter Island and will cost 100 Gems. Carrots have a few different ways to be obtained, however:

  • Purchased from the Black Market
  • Find them through random World Spawns whilst exploring
  • Rolled through the in-game gacha
  • Killing NPCs (or trading if you’re kinder)

Mink V2 Quest

Once you have rounded up all the carrots and have the V1 Mink race, you’ll need to find a series of NPC’s simply titled “Misc.” who require carrot deliveries.

  • Fiore Island – Mink who requires 8 Carrots and 500,000 Beli
  • Fiore Island Building – Mink who requires 16 Carrots
  • Fiore Island, outside the boundary wall of Sky House – Mink who requires 32 Carrots
  • Tundra Island, on top of the tall building – Mink who requires 64 Carrots
  • Shred Endangering Island, within the main building – Mink who requires 128 Carrots
  • Big Mom Island, behind the Cookie NPC – Mink who requires 256 Carrots
  • Skull Island, within the main house – Mink who requires 512 Carrots
  • Marines Headquarters, under the tree – Mink who requires 1024 Carrots
  • Pirate Skull Island, on top of the building – Mink who requires 2048 Carrots
  • Starter Island, within the prison – Mink who requires 4096 Carrots

Post Carrot Mission!

Once the Carrot delivery is a success, head back to Fiore Island where one of the NPCs located along the ruined houses is waiting, this NPC will bestow the Mink V2 on you!

Mink V1 versus V2

  • MINK
    • Increases movement speed and has a passive effect which changes your appearance to one more animal like.
  • MINK V2
    • Faster running speed than V1
    • Further dash ability
    • More Electro damage

Getting Mink V2 also allows for you to start the Eelectro V2 quest from the Vince NPC!

About The Game

King Legacy is a Roblox game that draws inspiration from the anime One Piece. You play as a marine or pirate and have to explore the vast oceans to grow in rank. It’s one of my similar Roblox games that pretty much does the same thing, so if you’re a fan of the anime, or just Roblox games like this in general, there’s plenty to love here.

You can learn more about it on the game’s official Roblox page. We also recommend checking out our King Legacy Tier List, and King Legacy Codes.

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