How to Get Lemon Mastery in Ability Wars Guide

Our How to Get Lemon Mastery in Ability Wars guide contains all you need to know about obtaining the Lemon ability and unlocking its Mastery!

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Wondering how to get Lemon Mastery in Ability Wars? The overall process is simple, but it can be quite difficult and tedious. You’ll need to obtain the Lemon ability before you can even start to think about reaching Mastery!

Ability Wars is an action-packed PvP Roblox game that sees you battling it out in an arena to climb the ranks. New and more powerful abilities can be unlocked by obtaining a sufficient amount of Punches and by earning special Badges by completing certain achievements.

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How to Get Lemon Mastery in Ability Wars

Okay, so you want the Lemon ability, but you also want to master it? Sorted. Firstly, let’s look at how you can obtain the Lemon ability in the first place.

  • You need to spend 2.5K Punches (an in-game currency) to purchase the Lemon ability from the shop.
    • If you don’t want to save up that many Punches, you can actually spend Robux to purchase additional Punches, with prices ranging from 60 Robux to 260 Robux.
  • You also need to have the “Backrooms” badge
    • To obtain this special badge you need to visit the Backrooms in-game, which is a top secret location (it can be acessed via the Cave by walking directly into the corner ahead of you!)

What is the Lemon Ability?

If you don’t already know, the Lemon ability allows you to turn invisibile, giving you an extra advantage when initiating combat. While it means you can avoid trouble, you can also use it to secretly approach players before attacking them. The invisibility power will disappear once you attack a fellow player!

  • Press E to consume the lemon
  • Lemon has a total cooldown of 20 seconds, so you’ll have to use it sparingly

How to Obtain Lemon Mastery

Now that you’ve got the Lemon ability, it’s time to master it! What you need to do, is make your way back to the Backrooms with Lemon equipped on your character. With the Lemon ability equipped, you’ll soon find yourself in a strange dark cave called The Maze instead of the usual room with plain walls. To get out of this place, you need to find the escape door. Sounds easy, but you’re going to have to avoid the Leman who lurks in the shadows.

Once you find the escape door, wak through it, and you’ll receive Lemon Mastery!

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