How To Get Armament Haki In Demon Piece

I want Zoro to be my personal trainer for the Armament Haki…

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Our guide is here to explain How To Get Armament Haki In Demon Piece. We’ll cover what Armament Haki is, how to get it, and the upgrades that are available.

To get it for yourself, you can visit the Roblox website. If you’re already a player, we have some other posts you may enjoy! Check out our Demon Piece Map post and our Demon Piece Race Tier List .

How To Get Armament Haki In Demon Piece

Armament Haki is used to buffer a user’s damage, and it is a great technique to use. Logia Fruit eaters can’t be hit without having an Armament Haki.

How To Get Armament Haki

To obtain Armament Haki, head over to the Jungle Island, which are levels 60-100. From there, head to the stony cliffs, which are located on the outskirts of the island. Keep your eyes peeled for a discoloured square, as that is where you will find Alphirex, the NPC Haki Trainer. This discoloured square is actually an invisible wall, and you will find the NPC peeping out from behind it.

Alphirex will present you with a quest to complete before offering you the Armament Haki. For this quest, you will need to find a lost Scroll. If you need help or some extra guidance for the quest, we have a Demon Piece Scroll Locations Guide that explains everything you will need to know when going on the quest!

Once you finish the quest and hand the scroll back to Alphirex, you will get your Haki. Haki’s can be various colours when in use, these are the different possibilities:

  • Rainbow – 10%
  • Cyan – 15%
  • Magenta – 15%
  • Yellow – 15%
  • Green – 15%
  • Blue – 15%
  • Red – 15%

Different Armament Haki Upgrades

The more you use Haki, the more it will level up and become stronger.

  • Level 1 – +5% Damage increase
  • Level 2 – +10% Damage increase
  • Level 3 – +15% Damage increase
  • Level 4 – +25% Damage increase
  • Level 5 – +35% Damage increase

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