How to Fix Mortal Kombat X’s WBID Login Error

By Jim Squires |

If you’re anything like I am, you’ve pre-ordered Mortal Kombat X on your favorite home console and are furiously trying to earn content for the main game by playing the mobile version before launch. But there’s a problem – you can’t sign in to WB Play. It’s not recognizing your WBID login, even though you know you have the right email address and password.

It seems safe to assume this will be ironed out with a future update, but until that happens, GameFAQs user “futuredhughes” has discovered a workaround that I can confirm works (or at least it did for me). Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Instead of entering your email address and password, click where it indicates to sign up for a new one.
  2. Enter your existing email address and password, and enter your birthday.
  3. Click “sign up using email” to try and create an account.
  4. You’ll be told that you already have a WBID, and it will ask if you’d like to associate it with this game.
  5. Say yes.
  6. Once you’re back at the menu, quit the game and relaunch it.
  7. Congratulations! You’ve connected your WBID to Mortal Kombat X mobile.

There are some other hiccups affecting some users of the mobile game at the time of this writing, including an inability to play online (or use allies as a result). We’re hoping that NetherRealm and Warner Bros will get these too ironed out asap.

We’re not sure if the online connectivity issues will affect your ability to redeem what you’ve earned towards the console game or not, but with Mortal Kombat X launching at midnight tonight, we’ll keep our fingers tightly crossed.  

[via GameFAQs forums]

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