How To Find The Barber In Pixel Piece


Are you struggling with how to find the Barber in Pixel Piece? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created a guide that will help you locate the Barber’s exact location in the hugely popular Pixel Piece Roblox game.

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How To Find The Barber In Pixel Piece

We’ll now move onto the guide at hand! Below, we’ll list a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to find the Barber in Pixel Piece…

  1. Travel to Shells Town
  2. Once you arrive, head forwards up the stone stairs infront of a mansion
  3. After you’ve climbed the stairs, turn to your right, and head around to the left of the mansion and up another small set of stone stairs
  4. Once up the stairs, head to your right and walk towards the blue and red lights
  5. Ahead of the lights, in an outdoor corridor, you’ll find the barbers on your left

You have arrived at your destination. It’s that simple! Enjoy a haircut at the finest Barbers in Pixel Piece.

How To Find The Barbers In Pixel Piece FAQ

We’ll now answer some of the questions that you might have thought up whilst reading our Pixel Piece guide.

What Is Pixel Piece?

Pixel Piece is a Roblox adaptation of the hugely popular anime and manga, One Piece. The game allows you to live out your own adventure as a pirate, as you choose your race, level up, evolve, and more. You can even visit the barbers!

How Often Will This Guide Get Updated?

If there’s ever a new Barber’s added to Pixel Piece, we’ll update this guide with a section dedicated to finding the location. For now, however, there’s just the one!

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