How To Find Advantages In Outlaster


Are you struggling with how to find Advantages in Outlaster? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created an Outlaster Advantages guide that will help you solve this problem, detailing the locations of different Advantages in the game.

Outlaster is a game that takes it’s title quite literally. In the game, you’ll participate in a series of game show-like competitions, and the main objective is to outlast your opponents. The game uses this meta-style idea to create a dark, brutal Battle Royale in Roblox.

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How To Find Advantages In Outlaster

We’ll now dive into the guide at hand. We’ll split the guide up into a few different sections to make processing it easier.

What Is An Advantage?

In short, Advantages are special items in Outlaster that spawn in an Elimination round. If you pick up these items, you can turn the tide of the game for yourself. They’re presented in the form of tan scrolls that have been wrapped up. Sometimes, you’ll find that there’s more than one Advantage to be found around the map, so keep a lookout!

Where Can I Find Advantages?

Believe it or not, Advantages don’t have a set location per map. They spawn in a number of places, and we’ll list them below. We recommend that you check every single one of these locations before giving up looking for Advantages, because they truly are an important part of winning the game.

Without further ado, Advantages can spawn…

  • in bushes
  • in trees

We’ll update this guide if any new Advantage locations are ever discovered/added in an update. Check back soon!

How Else Can I Get An Advantage?

There is another way that you can get an Advantage on Outlaster, but it’s quite costly in the gem department. For that reason, we don’t really recommend spending any in-game cash on gems, and instead we recommend that you thoroughly check the locations above.

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