How to Earn Coins in Golf Clash


Golf Clash has been quite the hit in recent times. Who doesn’t love competing in quick games of golf with friends and randoms, huh? Seriously though, it’s a fun twist on the usual golf format, easily luring you in for ‘just one more go’ while on a break from life.

Earning money is a tricky part of the game which in turn can make things really awkward. Gamezebo is here to get you earning money at a faster and more effective rate than before, by giving you the inside scoop on what you need to do.


How to Earn Coins in Golf Clash

  • A tricky part of Golf Clash is the fact that you need to spend money on entering tours which are also the best way to earn more money. Guess what? Yeah, you earn coins for winning. Obviously!
  • Getting the balance right is key here. You don’t want to waste money on a high end tour then lose in spectacular style because you don’t have the equipment or the expertise to get ahead.
  • Ideally, hang around the first couple of tours to build your finances up.
  • One nice idea is to ensure you always have two or three times as much money as you need to play a tour. That way, you’re not constantly struggling for cash. It’s all a form of gambling after all. You don’t want to waste cash you can’t spare.
  • Keep an eye out for special tournaments around holidays or real golfing events. Oftentimes, the prizes are far better than the usual events.
  • Stick with it. The early days are particularly pricey but as long as you don’t spend your way into a hole, you should be fine.


How to Earn Coins in Golf Clash

  • A good golfer has a great eye but they also need great clubs.
  • Don’t go nuts upgrading your clubs straight away. Make sure you still have enough cash to play a few matches otherwise how are you going to earn more?! Exactly.
  • Also, don’t bother upgrading clubs you don’t use. There’s really no point to this. Stick with upgrading the clubs you do use.
  • As you play, you’ll find yourself preferring certain clubs. Lean into that urge and upgrade them wherever possible, while leaving that Tour related buffer.
  • Clubs wise – it really is down to you in terms of what works for you.
  • Although, make sure you focus on upgrading your driver and putter. They’re the two you’re going to be using the most out of everything.

Facebook and Chests

How to Earn Coins in Golf Clash

  • Connect to Facebook and you get a free Platinum chest, plus the chance to send and receive free coins with your friends.
  • Don’t go nuts. Your friends will hate you if you do. However, make sure you hook up with some good friends that are keen to play lots. You can help each other.
  • You earn a Pin chest every time you complete 8 successful putts, and these add up quite swiftly.
  • While we’re talking chests, they’re useless unless you open them. Opening them takes time so get them queued up so you unlock them ASAP and gain an upgrade or two.


  • Watch those pesky rewarded video ads as much as possible for free coins.
  • Also do everything possible for free chests. Just sell your soul and be willing to check in often (free chests come every 4 hours) and watch every ad going. It all adds up.

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