How to Create an Indoraptor in Jurassic World Alive

There are hybrids in Jurassic World Alive, and then there’s the Indoraptor. If you’ve seen the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom — and based n how much money it made at the box office, most of you have — you already know exactly why you’d want one on your side in the mobile game.

But let’s talk about it some more anyway. The Indoraptor is a hybrid of the Indominus Rex, the dino at the center of most of the problems in the first Jurassic World film. Bigger and stronger than a T. rex, it’s already a handful. The Indoraptor then combines the DNA of that formidable creature with that of a Velociraptor, and the result is arguably the scariest dinosaur any of the Jurassic Park movies put on the screen.

In Jurassic World Alive, the Indoraptor has both speed and impressive attack numbers, meaning it can swing any number of battles in your favor. The Indoraptor also has the following abilities:

  • Armor Piercing Strike: Does 1x damage that bypasses armor
  • Cleansing Impact: Does 1.5x damage and applies Cleanse; has cooldown of 2 turns
  • Defense Shattering Rampage: Does 2x damage, bypasses armor and destroys shields; has cooldown of 1 turn and delay of 1 turn
  • Evasive Stance: Does no damage, always acts first, grants 50 percent chance to dodge direct damage for 3 turns; has cooldown of 4 turns

With Evasive Stance, the Indoraptor can make itself extremely hard to damage while also dealing plenty of damage that is equally difficult to avoid. Suffice it to say that you’d much rather have one fighting for you than against you.

How to Create an Indoraptor

Jurassic World Alive

As noted above, the first thing you’ll need is Velociraptor DNA. This isn’t hard since raptors can be found early on and are pretty common.

The other half of the Indoraptor puzzle is a little trickier since it involves Indominus Rex DNA, and that dinosaur is itself a hybrid. To create the Indominus Rex, you’ll need:

  • Tyrannosaurus rex: Level 15, 50x DNA
  • Velociraptor: Level 15, 500x DNA

Again, the raptor will be the easiest part, while the T. rex may take a little more work. Fortunately, you need much less Tyrannosaurus DNA overall.

Once you’ve created the Indomimus Rex, you’ll be able to create an Indoraptor once you’ve achieved and saved up the following:

  • Indominus Rex: Level 20, 50x DNA
  • Velociraptor: Level 20, 2000X DNA

(Yes, this means Indoraptor is a T. rex/raptor hybrid crossed with another raptor. So it’s two-thirds raptor? We just deliver this info to you, we don’t make it up.)

As with all hybrids in Jurassic World Alive, once you have the required DNA at the proper level, you’ll be able to create Indoraptor DNA simply by hitting the ‘Fuse’ button and paying the required amount of coins. You’ll need 250 units of Indoraptor DNA to unlock it for use on your team.

The Indoraptor is in the Unique rarity tier, the highest one currently in the game. It’s worth the effort to acquire, though, as we’re sure you’ll agree.

And if you found this article helpful, please check out our other Jurassic World Alive guides, including an overview to tournaments and our picks for the best commonly found dinosaurs.

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