Hotel Dash: Suite Success Walkthrough

Hotel Dash: Suite Success Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Hotel Dash: Suite Success
Running hotels is not as easy and funny as one might imagine, especially in DinerTown. If you have troubles with certain features of the game or got stuck for whatever reason, this guide will hopefully help you to move on.

General Tips:

  • Hotel Dash: Suite Success features a story mode with 50 levels, and an endless mode with three levels of difficulty. To play any hotel in the endless mode you first have to complete the same hotel in the story mode.
  • When you replay any level later on, you will have all the upgrades that you have purchased previously. This is a great way to improve your scores later on.
  • Wake-up calls do break other chains, so do not check out guests while other guests are still sleeping, because the wake-up calls might break the very worthwhile checking out chains otherwise.
  • You should always read the introductions of any level, because they often offer important clues, especially concerning which customers you can expect or if there are going to be a lot of wake-up calls.
  • You cannot use rooms again until you have removed the laundry from the previous customers.
  • You are not able to cancel actions so you really have to be careful when planning ahead. Each item that you throw into the waste bin costs $20.
  • If you place a newspaper in the lounge guests who are on the brink of leaving will go there instead and gain some patience.
  • When you click and hold guests in the waiting area they won’t lose any patience.
  • You can click the musician as soon as he is glowing yellow, but while you perform this activity you should not assign any other task to Flo, because this will interrupt the process of “charging the musician”.
  • Averting a disaster earns you $200 and does not break any chain.

The gameplay:

  • 1: Here you can see how many stars you have earned during the current level.
  • 2: This field displays how much money you have already earned in your current level.
  • 3: This bar represents how much money is left to reach the normal, respectively the expert goal.
  • 4: The clock displays how much time is left until the current day ends.
  • 5: Click on the “pause” button to change the setting, quit the game, return to the map, or to retry the level.
  • To allocate guests to a room simply click the group, and hold & drag their key to the appropriate room, preferably matching the color of their clothes and the room. Take into account that one person or a group of two people can use small and large rooms, while groups with more than two people can only stay in large rooms:

  • After each level you will get a summary of your performance, including the number of served guests, the money you have earned. This also might offer a clue why you have not done so well in a level, for example because of low tips:

  • The ice machine is flashing as soon as it is ready. You then have to click it and deliver it to a guest’s room. You should be aware of the fact that this action will break current chains, so it is advisable to deliver ice when you have ended a certain chain anyway:

  • Take the fruit baskets to each empty room to earn $50. This is a great way to earn additional money, but only do that in the beginning of each level and if you have the time. It’s not worth it to lose any guests:

  • Click on the fuse box to avert a disaster. The woman in the green coat will try to cause problems in every hotel:

  • You lose $100 for each guest leaving out of losing patience, so you should avoid this at all cost. Not only do you lose $100 immediately, but you also lose money from chaining and services.
  • When you do not perform the wake-up calls while the blue bar is filling, guests will start to lose patience:

Star Bills and VIP-lounges:

  • You can upgrade each room in every hotel with up to three stars, each star costing $750. In my experience you should not spend to much money on stars from the beginning on, but rather upgrade every room constantly. Roughly every room should be upgraded with one star after the third level, with two stars after the fifth/sixth level, and with three stars after the eighth level. In this way you should be easily able to complete every VIP-lounge in each hotel.
  • Every time when a customer checks out of a room, you will earn as many stars as the room has.
  • Upgrading VIP-lounges has no consequences for the actual gameplay.
  • In each VIP-lounge there are numerous items to purchase in the bottom of the screen. The number of stars you currently possess can be seen on top of the screen. The order in which you add items to the room are of no importance:

Customer Types:

  • Young Ladies: medium patience, sometimes make a mess in their room after eating, want a wake-up call sometimes.

  • Business Women: low patience, order a towel after eating and leave the room to go to the swimming pool – when they go to the swimming pool they leave laundry behind and won’t enter the room until you have take the laundry.

  • Lovebirds: high patience, always order a pillow after eating:

  • Hungry Men: medium patience, they always order food twice, so take this into account to even increase your food chains:

  • Clowns: high patience, they leave their rooms without ordering a towel, but leave behind laundry and won’t enter the room again until you put it away. On the way to their rooms or to the swimming pool they always make a mess and you have to clean that, so take this into consideration when chaining:

  • Sleepwalkers: medium patience, leave their room after eating, you have to click on them while they are sleepwalking so that they go back to their room:

  • Teen Boys: medium patience, order a pillow after eating:

  • Celebrities: low patience, order food twice and a pillow afterwards. When they are standing outside of their rooms, no other guests can pass them, so you should serve them quickly, to keep things running:

  • Joggers: high patience, order a towel after eating and go to the swimming pool. They won’t enter their room until you have taken care of the laundry:

  • Cellphone-addicts: medium patience, orders a towel after eating, visits the swimming pool, does not enter the room until you have taken care of the laundry, orders a pillow:

  • Dog-owners: medium patience, you have to deliver dog food after the regular food:

  • Tourists: medium patience, demand a photo shoot after eating, which does not provide any money, but increases their patience:

  • Fashionistas: low patience, order food twice, order a pillow afterwards. Each fashionista brings with her three suitcases. That is a big plus for chaining, but also takes some time:

  • Ghosts: medium patience, don’t use the elevator, don’t eat, order a towel, scare other guests – you have to click them to make them stop:

The elevator:

  • The locations of the elevators differ in each hotel, and tend to become more complicated and time-consuming.
  • You should be aware of the fact that Flo always has privileges when it comes to using the elevators. Even if guests have nearly reached their desired floor the elevator will move up or down immediately when you have assigned a task to Flo which requires her to use the elevator. If you need the guests to return to their rooms or to reach the swimming pool as soon as possible, just leave Flo alone for that moment so that the guests can use the elevator without any disturbance.

Chaining and Color-matching:

  • Color-matching customers and rooms earns you a lot of money. The higher the multiplier of a room, the more money you get. As an example, for a red room with an x3 you will get $300 when you place guests with red clothes on it.
  • Serving ice to guests does not break any chains.
  • Keep track of which guests are currently in your hotel to simplify planning ahead. You can chain delivering suitcases, delivering food, towels & pillows, wake-up calls, checking out and doing the laundry. Delivering pillows and towels counts as one chain, so that you can combine these two activities into large chains whenever you have the right guests for it.
  • Interrupting sleepwalkers or ghosts does not break any chains.
  • Cleaning up messes does break chains, so perform this task in between other tasks, for example between delivering food and delivering pillows/towels.


  • You can recognize purchasable upgrades by the little dollar-sign attached to them. Some upgrades are one-time upgrades, others can be upgraded more than once, such as the cart, the rooms, the musicians, the ice machine and the mop.
  • Click on the price tags to read further information about the related upgrade, to see the price, and to actually purchase it:

  • The most important upgrades in the beginning are definitely the cart, the musician, Flo’s speed, and the elevator(s). Other items which increase the patience can be neglected until the end of every hotel.


  1. DinerTownSuites: Awarded for completing the 1st hotel.
  2. Alpine Ski Lodge: Awarded for completing the 2nd hotel.
  3. Stark Suites: Awarded for completing the 3rd hotel.
  4. Tiki Palace Hotel: Awarded for completing the 4th hotel.
  5. Dunwich House: Awarded for completing the 5th hotel.
  6. Host with the Most: Awarded for completing all hotels.
  7. Hotelier: Awarded for completing all hotels at expert level.
  8. Head Designer: Awarded for fully renovating all VIP rooms.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful to you. Good luck with finishing the game.

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