Hoop Smash Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Hoop Smash is a physics-based arcade game from Kwalee. Players control a bouncing ball, and the object is to smash the ball through various hoops. Smash through all the hoops to clear the level. To smash through hoops, players must aim for the hoop’s “weak point,” which is indicated by color.

With precise timing, players can smash through multiple hoops at once to earn combos and additional points. The concept is simple to understand, but difficult to master. This list of Hoop Smash tips and strategies should help.

You don’t have to wait for the apex – You can tap the ball to send it through the weak points at any time during its bounce. You don’t have to time your tap with the bounce’s highest point. Timing your tap with the weak point, instead with the ball’s bounce, should make it easier to get through the game.

Small combos are okay too – Although it’s incredibly satisfying to get a five-, six-hoop combo, sometimes it’s best to clear just one or two hoops. The smaller combos are good when the hoop is moving so fast it’s challenging to time, or if the top two hoops are moving at speeds where it’s nearly impossible for them to line up.

Be patient – None of the levels have a time limit, and the score isn’t dependent on how long you take to finish the level, so take your time. Patience is increasingly important with each level, as higher the level, the more hoops you have to break through to complete it. Rushing only leads to mistakes and restarted levels. Restarting a level also means resetting your score, so although you don’t have go back to the first level, you do have to start from zero.

Be careful not to double tap – The game is responsive and this is a good thing. However, the excitement to get your “tap” in on time can lead to double taps, which the game considers separate attempts. Unless you get incredibly lucky, you’ll most likely miss on the second “attempt” and lose your streak.

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