Home Sweet Home Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Check out our Tips and Tricks for Home Sweet Home. GENERAL TIPSThere are 3 modes and 50 levels for each game. I will give a brief description of each mode and you can choose which one you would like to play. 1. Design Protege: You will know right away how a client feels about your designs and there will be no penalty for selling items. 2. Top Designer: You will not know right away if your client is pleased or not until you've submitted your design and there's no penalty for selling …

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Check out our Tips and Tricks for Home Sweet Home.


There are 3 modes and 50 levels for each game. I will give a brief description of each mode and you can choose which one you would like to play.

1. Design Protege: You will know right away how a client feels about your designs and there will be no penalty for selling items.

2. Top Designer: You will not know right away if your client is pleased or not until you’ve submitted your design and there’s no penalty for selling items.

3. Design Guru: You will not know if your client approves of your design until you submit your design for approval and there’s a 50 % penalty for selling items.

  • The main goal in Home Sweet Home is to decorate a clients’ homes to their specifications, by deciphering clues and riddles that they give you. Sounds easy but it’s not always so. Some clues are pretty easy to decipher and others will be encrypted.
  • Some clues will look like gibberish but if you look at it carefully you will see that the words are written backwards. If you have a hard time reading backwards, just write it down on a piece of paper so you can decipher the clue.
  • The closer you get to understanding what the client wants, the happier you will make them and the more money they will pay you for the job. You can then in turn, use that money to decorate your own place.
  • Keep an eye on the calendar since it lets you know how long you have in order to finish the project in time. If time runs out on you, you will have to start the building phase all over again. If you finish the job ahead of time you will receive extra money.
  • When a laborer has a highlighted circle under them, it means that they are ready to go where you send them, you don’t have to click on them again to do a job, just click the item that you want them to work on and they will go there.
  • There are very few times that you can chain commands in this game. The only time that I saw that it could be done was when you sent someone to the trash. As they’re walking towards the trash, click on the next item that you want them to attend to and they will go there automatically. Otherwise, you have to wait for them to walk to the end and stop before you can click on them again.
  • You will not be able to start building unless 2 things are done first. You have to meet the minimum piece quota on the top right corner and you have to make sure that the Customer Satisfaction Meter is past the dotted line. Keep buying items until the minimum requirements have been met.
  • You will see a thumb’s up icon by the Customer Satisfaction meter (located on the top right of the page) if you’re making the correct decorating choices on your clients behalf. You have to get the Satisfaction meter past the dotted line if you wish to move on to the building phase.
  • If you see a thumb’s down icon instead of a thumb’s up, that means that the client is not happy with your choices and you’re not meeting their needs.The item that is not correct will turn red, run your mouse over it and you can read a description about what is wrong with it. Once you know what is wrong, go back and fix it.
  • Facing items in a proper direction is as important as making the correct choices. It’s important to pay attention to the clues because they will indicate to you how things should be placed. For example, if the client says: “Mr. Johnson is a simple man who leads a simple life. He likes to sit back with his simple wife and watch flames from the fire”. That means that the sofa has to be facing the fireplace, if it’s not facing it, the customer will be unhappy. Just right click the item in order to make it face a different way.
  • Things can be built faster when you have more than one person on the job, however, not all jobs can sustain more than one person building it. If you see a red circle with a slash down the middle it means that you already have enough workers on it and it will not allow you to add another person.
  • Make sure that when you have 2 people working on the same job that at least one of them matches the color of the highlighted item in order to avoid a worker hurting themselves and needing medical attention.
  • It’s best that on bigger jobs like walls or floors that you send all available workers to those projects at one time. Even if one person stops and asks for tools, it will not slow down the job, the other 2 will keep working and finish the project.
  • If the highlighted color that someone is working on starts flashing, pay attention to it because it is indicating that the color is about to change. When it changes you may need to pull somebody off if neither person matches the new color. If that happens you run the risk of one of your workers hurting themselves and needing the first aid kit.
  • When those little guys are hurt they can be hard to catch. If you’re having a hard time catching a worker, just wait until they stop moving and then give them the first aid kit, it will be easier to catch them at that point.
  • Once in a while I would send workers over to do small jobs that did not match the color of their clothes. Those tiny jobs such as a small vase or plant can be finished quickly, thus minimizing the chance of them getting hurt.
  • If you’re having a hard time placing a piece of furniture where you want it to go, make sure that the item does not have a red shadow around it or the item will not lock into place. You just may need to reposition the item by either rotating it or making sure it is not out of the workers reach when you place it. Once it glows green it is OK for you to go ahead and place it.
  • When you’re not happy with some of your selections, you can sell some of your items and then choose new ones. There is no penalty for doing this unless you are playing in the Design Guru mode. You are not limited to selling your own selections, you can also sell items that were in the room before you started decorating.
  • Always look and see if there’s a colored glow around the paint cans or the pieces of wood on the floor, because it is letting you know that the walls need to be painted and/or floors need to be done. You can either click the corresponding icons or the actual item itself.
  • A nice feature in the game is that you can go back and look at all the rooms you have decorated. Click on the big yellow house that has your name on it and look at the album of your creations. You can also build a room to your specifications with the money that you earned during the game. If you really like a design, you can click on the camera icon that is on the top left of the page to save it.
  • Workers

  • In order to complete a job successfully you have to make sure your laborers are happy, energized, working on the right projects and that they have all the tools they need, otherwise things may not be completed in time.
  • Workers need proper tools in order to finish a job. If you don’t get them the tools they request, they will stop working and get the tools themselves, thus taking longer to finish the project.The tools can be hard to pick up at times, so in order to save time check and make sure you picked up the right item before handing it out. Once you pick up the correct item make sure to click on the worker properly or it will go back to the toolbox.
  • You can look at each persons energy level by looking at the energy meter that is located at the bottom of the screen under each persons face.The meter will start going down once the worker starts to get tired. They need some coffee to re-energize them or the project will be delayed and you may miss your deadline. Once you give them the coffee their energy level will increase.
  • You can drag the coffee pot over to the worker as they build or you can drag it to their energy meter. How much energy they get depends on how much coffee is in the pot. The good thing about the coffee is that it refills fairly quickly, so even if you give them a little bit, it will make a noticeable difference.
  • If their energy meter goes down too low, the workers will get upset and stop working for a short period of time and get their own coffee.
  • When an item is glowing in a certain color, you can send a worker who’s outfit matches the highlighted color of a piece of furniture and they will NOT get tired while building it.
  • You can press the Stop icon located next to each worker’s energy meter to make a worker stop working. This is really good to use when you need to pull a worker off a job that no longer matches their outfit.
  • When the workers have trash, send them over to the trash can to get rid of it. If you don’t send them, they will wait around until you do and they will not get any work done while they are waiting .If you’re running out of time and all the work is finished but the trash has not been thrown out, you will lose that round if the time runs out on you.

    Here are some random solutions to the riddles and cryptic messages you will encounter in the game.These are just a few examples so you can have a a better understanding of what to buy.I will first give you the title, followed by the clue and ending with the solution.If you don’t understand some of the clues you can get the solution by pressing the hint icon located at the bottom of the clue, just keep in mind that it will cost you $500.00.

    The Johnsons

    “Mr. Johnson is a simple man who leads a simple life. He likes to sit back with his simple wife and watch flames from the fire”.

  • Sit back with his wife = A seat for two (sofa or love seat)
  • Watch flames from the fire = fireplace
  • Ms. Redburg

    “Ms. Redburg just got back from her trek across the Far East and says that it changed her outlook on life. Her exact words were, ” I simply loved it and wish that I could be surrounded by it all day”

  • Look for items that have the word “Asian” in their design.
  • The Blues

    When asked what she liked, Mrs. Blue responded only: “Only Halloween smiles, autumn leaves and bunny snacks.” Then she added that “nothing else” will make her happy.

  • You have to decorate the house with items that are only orange in color.
  • Mr. Johnson

    “It’s time to move on and leave the past behind me, a clean slate and a fresh start. I live in the now and I want now loud! i want to eat where I play and break while I eat, and then I’ll be happy.”

  • I want now loud = stereo equipment with speakers
  • I want to eat where I play and break while I eat = Pool table with a chair beside it. (The pool table will be under the ‘Entertainment’ tab)
  • The Millers

    “I love the sun and I love it’s color; I also love daytime soap operas, although the glare can be a bit of an issue”

  • I love the sun = An open window
  • and I love it’s color = Yellow items, pictures of flowers and flower accessories.
  • The glare can be an issue = TV facing away from he window.
  • Manny the Magician

    “Manny the Magician is always bringing his work home. He’s known to those in the community as the ‘Disappearing Dove Guy.’ Okay, so he might not be the most impressive magician you ever met, but he does get showered with lots of anonymous gifts i.e.books like ‘Magic Made Easy’ or ‘Illusions’ for Dummies.’ Manny will take what he can get”

  • Bookshelf and a Birdcage
  • The Blues

    “When asked what she wants, Mrs. Blue simply replied :first things first…Jay, cheese, lagoon, whale and I won’t settle for anything else”…Good Luck

  • Jay bird, blue cheese, lagoon and whale are all blue items, choose everything that you can find in the color blue.Anything else will decrease their happiness
  • Blue curtains (Asian Jervis)
  • Blue Picture ( Retro Triggen Painting and Retro Suave Painting)
  • Sofa (Asian Doucer)
  • Blue Lamps ( Retro ERSATZ table lamp and Country RESLAND table lamp) You can sit them on the floor.
  • Rug ( Asian Balance Rug)
  • The Faunas

    “Flora likes to stay in shape but doesn’t get out much anymore, since the recent addition to her family arrived. She’s really into aerobics but has trouble remembering the routine.Also Flora prefers floral art over anything abstract…I guess everyone’s a critic”

  • TV to watch her aerobics
  • Leave space in front of the TV so she can room for aerobics
  • Pictures of flowers only no abstracts
  • The Hatfields

    “My wife is my life and music is our soul. Dance steps are our words and love is our rhythm. As we dance, we set our sights on the horizon of a new day and look forward to tomorrow. Then, when the time has come for the dance to stop, we hold each other close, with fire at our backs and warmth in our hearts.”

  • You need a stereo system
  • Leave space in front of the stereo so they can dance.
  • Fireplace with a love seat that is turned away from it so they can have the fire on their backs.
  • A window that is open so they can see the horizon.
  • Mr. Sdrawkcab

    Mr. Sdrawkcab said, and I quote, “emoh ym otni klaw I emit yreve syad esoht fo dednimer eb ot tnaw I dna, noon fo thgieh eht ta delttes erew stcilfnoc dna sesroh edor nem nehw emit elpmis a morf nam elpmis a m”I”. Wow, he must be old.

  • The clue is backwards it really says: “I’m a Simple man from a simple time when men rode horses and conflicts were settled at the height of noon, and I want to be reminded of those days every time I walk into my home”
  • You have to buy only furniture that has a country theme to it
  • “;