Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition Tips Walkthrough

Check out our strategy guide for Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition. At the end of the guide we have a visual walkthrough for all the levels in the game. MEDALS/SCORES There are 3 types of medals that you can get in the game, bronze, silver and gold. Each medal can be obtained by earning a certain amount of points in the game. There are 6 pieces of furniture that you can unlock at the end of each level. The amount of pieces of furniture you unlock have to do with the medal you receive at t…

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a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:39:”Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:41358:”Check out our strategy guide for Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition. At the end of the guide we have a visual walkthrough for all the levels in the game.


  • There are 3 types of medals that you can get in the game, bronze, silver and gold. Each medal can be obtained by earning a certain amount of points in the game. There are 6 pieces of furniture that you can unlock at the end of each level. The amount of pieces of furniture you unlock have to do with the medal you receive at the end of each level.
  • The furniture that is unlocked at the end of each level will be used to furnish your own apartment.
  • 1-Gold Medal- In order to obtain the gold medal you have to earn a minimum of 1,900 points at the end of the level. When you obtain the Gold Medal you will unlock all 6 pieces of furniture that will be available at the end of the round.
  • The best way to get a Gold Medal is by making sure that you fill the Customer Satisfaction Meter that is located on the top left side of the screen. This meter needs to be filled in the design phase AND the building phase if you want to get the gold.
  • You can still get the gold medal if you use a hint but make sure that you make up for using the hint by finishing your project in time.
  • 2-Silver Medal-To obtain the Silver Medal make sure that you earn at least 1,700 points. When you get the Silver Medal you will only unlock 4 of the furniture items for that level.
  • 3-Bronze Medal- To earn the Bronze Medal you have to score a minimum of 1,400 points. It will only unlock 2 out of the 6 pieces of furniture that will be available at the end of that round.


  • The Customer Satisfaction meter is an essential key in getting the best score in the game. The fuller the meter is the higher your score will be. The meter is located on the top left side of the page.
  • There are 2 parts to the meter, the dotted line and the top of the meter.
  • When you fill the meter to the dotted line it means that you’ve satisfied the minimum requirements for that room and that you can start the building process. You will notice that the small yellow toolbox with the words "Build Now" will light up when the meter reaches the dotted line.
  • If you want to get a higher score you want the meter to pass the dotted line and go all the way to the top.

Thumbs Up Icon on the meter

  • The meter also gives you little clues as to what you’re doing right or wrong when you’re placing furniture. When you see the green thumbs up icon, it means that you placed something in the room correctly.
  • When you get the thumbs up sign, you will also earn additional points.

Thumbs Down Icon on the meter

  • If you see the red thumbs down icon, it means that the last piece of furniture you placed was not the best item for that room.
  • When you get the thumbs down, points will be subtracted from your score, try to avoid the thumbs down as much as possible because it means that you did not follow the requests of the customers well.
  • Sometimes you may get a thumbs down simply because the furniture is not facing the right way, just rotate the furniture around when this happens.


  • The calendar on the wall lets you know how many days you have in order to complete a project.
  • If you get the job done in less days than what was given to you then you will get some bonus points. If you don’t get the job done in the allotted time you may lose that round and may have to start over again.
  • Each day on the calendar has a certain amount of time in it before the page changes to another day.You can tell how much time you have left in a day by the color of the number on the calendar. When the number is filled in then you have plenty of time. When the color is at the bottom of the number then the page is about to turn and that day will be almost over.
  • Once you get down to day "1" on the calendar that will be your last day, you better hurry up and tie up all loose ends in that room.


  • There are three workers that are available for every project, Goran, Liz and Brian. Each worker has a meter above their head and an icon with their face at the bottom of the page.
  • The meter above them represents their energy level, make sure to keep that meter yellow as much as possible. Keep their energy levels up at all times by supplying them with a lot of coffee.
  • Each worker is dressed in a different color outfit. When you see an item that is glowing in a particular color send the person with the matching outfit to build that item.
  • When you match the color of the outfit with the color of the item that is glowing you will receive extra points, the worker will build faster and will not lose energy while they’re on that job.
  • You can make a worker stop building by clicking on the stop sign that is attached to their icon at the bottom of the page. When you click on it, the worker will go back to their start position.
  • Assign several workers at one time to build large items since they take longer to build. When you have 2 or more workers on one item they will get the job done at lightning speeds.
  • If a job cannot support multiple workers at once, the worker will refuse to  stay at that job since it cannot hold any more people.


  • The Carol-Oke machine comes into play on day 5 of the game. It is located on the lower right corner of the scene.
  • The machine will be ready for us when you no longer see the white bar going across the top.
  • Once the machine is ready you can drag to any of the workers and they will stop what they are doing and will sing a Christmas tune for everybody.
  • While the worker is singing, the other 2 workers will get a speed boost and will complete all their tasks very quickly.
  • If you give the machine to a worker while they are in the middle of a task, they will automatically get back to what they were doing as soon as they are done singing.


  • Since this is called Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition, they’ve added the Christmas Cheer Meter to this version of the game.
  • You will not be able to move to the build phase of the game unless you’ve filled the Christmas Cheer Meter as well.
  • The meter is located next to the Build Meter and its shaped like a candy cane.
  • The way to fill the meter is by placing items in your scene that have a Christmas theme to them, like wreaths, trees, garland, candles etc.


  • The toolbox will be in the upper right side of the screen. It will remain closed until a worker asks for a tool.
  • Once the toolbox is open look for the tool that the workers is asking for. Click the item and drag it over to the worker so they can begin using it.
  • Make sure that when a worker requests a tool that you give it to them right away because when you don’t, it stops them from working. When they don’t get a tool right away, the project they were working on will lose progress. As soon as you give them their tool they will automatically go back to work on it.
  • If you take too long in handing them a tool, they will go and get it themselves, which means that they will waste a lot of time and will not be able to work for a short amount of time.
  • Try to avoid a worker getting their own tool because at that point there’s no way to bring them back to the job site until they are ready to go back.


  • You can give your workers a cup of eggnog whenever you see that their energy level is getting low.
  • Look at the workers icon at the bottom of the page so you can gauge their energy levels. The yellow semi-circle that you see above their faces represents their energy level. When the meter is fully yellow then they are full of energy. This meter will decrease over time.
  • The fuller the eggnog pitcher is, the more energy it will give the workers when it is given to them. The workers will only get enough eggnog to fill them up, the rest will be left in the pitcher.
  • When you see that their yellow meter is getting low, give them some eggnog right away so they can work faster.
  • If you let the meter run all the way out the workers will stop working and will go on a eggnog break by fetching the eggnog themselves. You do not want them to stop working because it takes them a long time before they get back to work.
  • The workers will be more likely to get injured if their energy levels fall down too low. If they get injured they will run around all over the place and will require a first aid kit.


  • The First Aid Kit will be located directly under the yellow toolbox and above the pot of coffee. If a worker gets injured during a job you will have to take the kit to them.
  • You will know that a worker needs a kit because you will see the icon of the white box with the red cross above them.
  • When you see that click on the kit that is on the right side of the page and then drag it onto the worker that is injured. The worker will run around the room and you will have to catch them before you can give them the first aid kit.
  •  The faster you give them the kit the faster they will get back to work. Once the worker has received their kit, their energy level will be restored back to 100%.
  • To avoid a worker asking for a kit make sure that you keep their energy levels high by supplying them with a lot of coffee.


  • Several times during the building phase a worker will have trash left over from completing a certain job. You will see an icon of a trash can next to the worker that is asking you to throw it out for them. When you see the trash can icon, take the bag of trash out of their hands and place it in the garbage tin that is located on the lower right side of the page.
  • Try to get the bag of trash as quickly as you can from a worker because they will not work until you do, which can really delay a project and ultimately cause you not to pass a level.
  • You have to make sure that the lid on the trash can is open if you want the trash to be thrown away. If the lid is not open when you’re throwing it away it will just go back to the person that was holding it.


  • The goal in this game is to decipher the cryptic messages given to you by your clients in order to design their dream bathroom or kitchen. As long as you place some basic items that they are looking for in a room you will pass the level.
  • Deciphering what the customer wants may not always be the easiest thing in the world since some of the requests can be hard to figure out. The best thing to do is click on the hint if you’re having a hard time figuring out what they are asking for.
  • To access a hint in the game, click on Dee’s icon in the lower right corner. Once the page is open click on the question mark that is on the right side and you’ll be given the key elements that need to be in that room.
  • Even though you lose 100 points when you use a hint, it is possible to still obtain the Gold Medal in every level after using it. If you get 1,000 points in the design, you can get another 1,000 points in the building phase which will put you over the 1,900 minimum goal that is required.


  • There are several occasions in which selling some items is the best things you can do. You can either sell the items that came with the room or you can sell back some of the purchases you already made.
  • To sell an item left click it and drag it to recycling bin at the bottom right side of the page, the cost of that furniture will be added back to your total.
  • In some levels it will be essential to meeting your customers needs that you sell everything in the house and start fresh, pay attention to the clues given.
  • In later levels I would leave the walls and the floors intact since it was time consuming to build those two things. When you don’t have to build large items in a level you can finish a level with time to spare.
  • Before you take anything out of the room, click on it and read the description that is on the right side of the page, it will tell you what kind of item it is, how much it costs etc. If it’s an item that a customer wants in their design then go ahead and keep it.
  • Pay attention to the meter on the left and look at the green and red thumbs. If the item is correct you will see a green thumb, if it’s incorrect you will see a red thumb instead. When you see the red thumb, don’t keep that item in the room since it’s something that the client does not want.
  • If you don’t have enough money to buy the things you need, sell the stuff that’s already in the apartment to raise some cash.


  • Buying the right furniture is more important than where you place your furniture.
  • If you’re off by one or 2 items you will not be able to get the dotted line on the Customer Satisfaction Meter.
  • You have a minimum amount of furniture that you need to buy in order to fill the quota, that number is on the top right side of the page under "items left". You will not be able to continue until that amount of items has been purchased. The furniture that is already in that room does not count towards the minimum amount.
  • You also have a minimum amount of Christmas items that you need to place in each and every level. If the candy cane icon in the top left corner is not full, you will not be able to start building.
  • Try to buy furniture that already has some Christmas decorations attached to it, it allows you to kill 2 birds with one stone since you can fill a furniture quota and a Christmas Cheer quote in one sitting.
  • You can rotate your furniture around once it’s placed on the floor. If your furniture is not facing the right way, you’ll get a thumbs down on the Customer Satisfaction Meter. Make sure that chairs are always facing a table unless the instructions specify the opposite.
  • If an item is highlighted in red it means that you’ve placed it incorrectly. Hover your mouse over it to see what the problem is and then correct it.
  • Take your time buying the right items for a room, you’re not being timed in this part of the game so there’s no need to hurry.


  • If you ever need to change your room back to its original content, you can click on the "Reset" button that is located on the top right corner of the scene.
  • Once you click on the reset button, all the choice you made will no longer be available, you will have to start from scratch.


  • A good technique to use when you have a level that requires you to build a lot of items in one level is to pile all the small stuff on top of a table or counter. For example, if you add a lot of accessories and plants on top of a table, those things will be built at the same time as the item that it is on.
  • You will not be timed when you are placing furniture in the room, you will only be timed when you are building it, so you need to build the items within the time allotted.
  • When an item is flashing in a certain color, send a worker with a matching outfit over to build that item. They will work faster, will not lose any energy while on that project and you score some bonus points as well.
  • The bigger the item is the more time and manpower it will take to build. I always tried to place 3 people on walls and floors since those jobs take the longest to complete. Big jobs that have 3 people working on it at once will always get done much faster than if only one person is on it.


  • Your house is located in the middle of the map screen. In it you can furnish your house with all the items you unlocked playing the main part of the game. You can also view all the rooms that you created.
  • There’s no wrong or right way to design the rooms on your house , just design it the way you would like it to look.
  • There are 4 icons on the lower right side of the main page, each icon has a different feature.
  • 1-Camera, top left side. When you click on the camera you will be able to take a picture of any room that you designed in your apartment.
  • 2-layout icon, top right side- Click on it and you will be able to change the floor plans in any of the rooms in your apartment. When you click on the layout icon it will take all the furniture out of that room.
  • 3-Photo Album icon, lower left side-When you click on the photo album you’ll be able to see each room that you designed for all of your clients in the main section of the game.
  • 4-Door, lower right side. Click on the door to exit your apartment and go back to the map screen.
  • On the top right side of the page you will be able to scroll through the different rooms in your house. Use the arrows on each side to get the room that you want to furnish.


  • In between levels, they give you lot of good tips that you can use to make your house more festive. Take a moment to read them if you have a chance.
  • To give a worker a cup of eggnog you can either give it to them directly or you can place the eggnog pitcher on the icons that are located at the bottom of the page.
  • A worker can be taken off a job at any time if you need them to work on something else instead.
  • You can still get the Gold Medal even if you use a hint but you have to make sure that you work fast in order to get a high score.
  • If you know that you failed a level because you did not get the project done fast enough, you can replay a level at any time from the map screen.
  • If you decide to replay a level in order to get a higher score you will be given the same setup as before. You will not have to start design all over, just fix the things that you need by selling or buying items.
  • You can pass a level even if you don’t finish the project but you will not unlock all the new pieces of furniture.
  • If you ever need a refresher course on what a client is looking for all you have to do is click on Dee’s icon in the lower right corner. Dee’s icon will also give you the choice to exit the scene, restart that level or it will take you to the options menu.
  • All the rooms that you’ve decorated are saved for you to look at whenever you’re ready. Go into your house and click on the photo album to view all your rooms.


  • Since you need to add a certain amount of Christmas cheer to your decor, you can buy certain items that already have decorations on them.
  • If the walls and floors are already built, do not take them out and do them over again. The only time you need to do that is when the level requires it.
  • Use the Carol-oke machine as often as possible. Each time it is ready, give it to a worker since the other 2 workers will work twice as fast for a short period of time.
  • If you have a worker working on a a job and a piece of furniture in their color starts glowing, pull them off their current job immediately and put them on the job that matches their outfit. Doing this will allow you to save the coffee for the other 2 people without fear of running out.
  • If you pull someone off a job make sure that someone else is there to complete it, otherwise all progress on that item will be gradually lost. If there’s not a person on that job, place someone else there.
  • Take your time when you’re designing the room but work fast when you’re building since your score depends on finishing the job in a timely manner.
  • The bigger the job the more man power it will take to build the item, and the longer it will take. Always try and place three people on the big jobs so you can finish the ones that take long to build the fastest. The jobs that take the longest are the floors and the walls, and any counter in which you’ve placed a lot of items on top of.
  • When you build like items close together, those items will all be built at the same time. For example, when you have to build upper cabinets on the wall, make sure that they are touching each other. When they are all together, they will all be built at the same time.
  • By the same token place a lot of small items on a table and a counter so those things will all be built at once. I made sure that I would place a lot of tiny items on top of a counter or table in levels that required me to buy a lot of pieces. It’s  better to have 6 items being built at once than to have 6 items that all have to be built separately.
  • In levels where a lot of eggnog was being consumed, I would purposely let a worker run out of energy so they could get injured and ask for a first aid kit. This would allow me to give them the kit and restore their energy level to 100% while allowing me to keep the eggnog for the other 2 workers. It is better to have one person out of commission than to have all 3 down at the same time.
  • Give a worker their eggnog directly on their icon, it’s a real time saver, it will keep you from having to chase a worker around the room. I found it a lot less time consuming to give the eggnog to the icons below since they were much easier to click on.
  • If you have a level that requires you to buy a lot of items it’s better to sell everything in the house and replace it if you have to. This will allow you to meet the minimum quota faster. Even if you see the thumbs down icon appear, you can fill the meter back up once you replace that item.


  • The following section contains a graphical walkthrough for levels 1 through 50.These are all Gold Medal solutions. Just remember that furnishing the room counts towards half the points, the other half comes from completing a job in time, that part is up to you.
  • The rooms can be decorated in a variety of ways but in order to pass a level you have to make sure that you have some basic items in that room that a client requested. If some basic needs are not met you will not be able to fill the meter no matter how many items you place in a room.
  • Each screenshot will have the name of the client, the level number and the basic items that are needed to pass that level. Good Luck and have fun!!