HoloCure Haste Guide – All You Need to Know

Our HoloCure Haste guide contains all you need to know about the stat – including the items that boost Haste and more!

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Curious about the HoloCure Haste stat? This guide covers all you need to know about Haste, including how to boost the Haste stat. Not sure what the Haste stat is used for? No worries, you’ll find all the answers down below!

HoloCure is a Vampire Survivors-like bullet hell roguelike that features your favourite characters from the Hololive YouTube franchise. You have to survive for as long as you can against hordes of enemies, which, in this case, is made up of rabid fans. Much like Vampire Survivors, it features a ton of unlockable characters, secrets, weapons, and more to discover.

You can learn more on the official site. We’ve put together an extensive list of guides to help you get started. Make sure to check out our HoloCure coin farm, HoloCure collabs, HoloCure download, HoloCure items, HoloCure update, and HoloCure weapons.

HoloCure Haste Guide

Now, let’s delve deeper into the Haste stat in HoloCure!

What is the Haste Stat?

The Haste stat in HoloCure determines the rate of a character’s attack frequency. The Haste stat can also affect some skills, which in turn, increases their frequency. In short, Haste improves the attack time of a certain skill or move. It’s important to note that Haste doesn’t change the cooldown time or delay. There are certain attacks that have an attack time limit, which means Haste can only buff them so much – or not at all.

How to Boost the Haste Stat

You can boost the Haste stat by using items! For instance, the Candy Kingdom Sweets that were added in the 0.6 update. The Candy Kingdom Sweets increase your Haste by 40%, however, they also reduce your damage by 25% – it’s up to you if the risk if worth it. This item also provides a 10% chance to perform 2 attacks, which can deal 33% of the initial damage.

Other Items That Boost Haste

  • Super Energy Drink
    • Increases Haste by 30%
    • Increased Speed by 60%
  • Face Mask
    • Increases Haste by 10%
    • Increase damage dealt by 30%
    • Increases damage taken by 30%
  • Energy Drink
    • Level 1: Increases Haste by 10%, Speed by 30%, and decreases HP by 25%
    • Level 2: Increases Haste by 15%, Speed by 40%, and decreases HP by 25%
    • Level 3: Increases Haste by 20%, Speed by 50%, and decreases HP by 25%

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