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Not sure how the new HoloCure Fandom system works? Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to help with. In this guide, we detail the new system, exactly how it works, and what you can do to upgrade your characters.

HoloCure is a gacha that draws inspiration from Vampire Survivors. It takes place in the hololive YouTube universe, with you picking an idol and battling off hordes of crazy fans. There are a wide variety of weapons and items to use, and you can combine them to unlock collabs, which are more powerful variants. That’s what this guide aims to explore.

You can learn more on the official site. We’ve put together an extensive list of guides to help you get started. Make sure to check out our HoloCure coin farm, HoloCure collabs, HoloCure download, HoloCure items, HoloCure update, and HoloCure weapons.

HoloCure Fandom

Now, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the new HoloCure fandom feature.

What Is HoloCure Fandom?

Fandom is a brand new feature that basically rewards you with stat boosts the more that you play with a character. You are, basically, becoming a fan of that character.

What Does Fandom Do?

Fandom basically gives you a bunch of stat and skill bonuses. Your skills might all be maxed at the start of the game, for example, or you might have additional ATK, HP, and SPD stats.

How Do I Level Up My Character’s Fandom?

That’s the easy part – you simply have to increase a character’s G-rank, by collecting multiple copies of them, to increase your fandom.

What’s the Maximum Fandom Level?

Gachikoi. You get that for hitting 21 g-rank with a character.

Can I Turn Fandom Off?

You bet! If you find the game is too easy with the fandom bonuses, you can just turn off the feature to enjoy the game as it was originally.

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