HoloCure Collabs List and Unlock Conditions

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Looking for a list of all of the HoloCure collabs? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ve rounded up all of the collaborations you can currently unlock within the game, and the conditions for doing so. To be clear: there are a loads, and there are many more to discover. Make sure to bookmark this guide though, as we’ll update it as soon as we discover more collabs.

HoloCure is a brand new gacha that draws inspiration from Vampire Survivors. It takes place in the hololive YouTube universe, with you picking an idol and battling off hordes of crazy fans. There are a wide variety of weapons and items to use, and you can combine them to unlock collabs, which are more powerful variants. That’s what this guide aims to explore.

We’ve also put together a HoloCure tier list, which will help you determine which character is best. There are eleven in total, and you unlock them gacha-style, so we wouldn’t want you wasting your time. You should also check out our HoloCure weapons list and HoloCure items list, as you will need to unlock many of these to make best use of this guide.

What Are HoloCure Collabs?

Collabs in HoloCore are basically super powerful weapon and item combinations. They provide you with your most destructive kit in HoloCure, and are highly sought after. At the moment, there are eight HoloCure collabs in the game, which we’ve listed below.

How do I Use a HoloCure Collab?

Using a collab is a bit confusing, as it isn’t explained particularly well in-game. Here are the steps you must perform (thank you to our lovely commenters):

  • Collect the two weapons you need for the desired collab
  • Get them both to level seven
  • Wait patiently for a Golden Anvil
  • When it appears, use it to create the collab

HoloCure Collabs List

Here’s a list of collabs:

BL Fujoshi

  • BL Book + Psycho Axe


  • Elite Lava Bucket + Psycho Axe

Elite Cooking

  • Elite Lava Bucket + Spider Cooking

HoloCure Collabs – Light Beam

  • Glowstick + Fan Beam

Dragon Fire

  • Plug Type Asacoco + Fan Beam

Flattening Board

  • Holo Bomb + Cutting Board

Breathe-In Type Asacoco

  • Holo Bomb + Plug Type Asacoco

HoloCure Collabs – Idol Concert

  • Glowstick + Idol Song

Light Beam

  • Glowstick + Fan Beam

And that will do it for our HoloCure collabs list. If you spot any secret collabs that don’t make our list, please let us know in the comments. Otherwise, check back later in August to see if new collabs arrive as part of the first big update.

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