HoloCure Coin Farm Guide

We provide legitimate steps that help you perform a HoloCure coin farm, maximising your HoloCoin earnings.

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Gold is pretty difficult to come by in HoloCure, eh? At least, you never quite have it in the quantity you want it. Well, fortunately for you, my tried-and-true HoloCure coin farm methods can help you. In this guide, I’m going to detail the steps you can take to maximise your earnings, making your coin shortage a thing of the past. The best part is, the method is simple, and anyone can use it. It’s not an exploit either, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to play due to a ban or the likes.

HoloCure is a smash hit bullet hell roguelite. It draws inspiration from Vampire Survivors, but takes place in the hololive YouTube franchise. You play as one of your favourite idols, and have to battle off hordes of crazed fans. Famous YouTubers amongst you will know how that feels, we’re sure. With a ton of characters to unlock, weapon combinations to discover, and secrets to find, there’s plenty to keep you busy for ages in HoloCure.

And I’ve covered it extensively. I’ve got guides on the HoloCure download, HoloCure tier list, HoloCure collabs, HoloCure weapons, HoloCure items, and HoloCure update. Basically, if you need to know about it in HoloCure, chances are, I’ve got a guide on it.

HoloCure Coin Farm Walkthrough

Want to know how to make an absolute metric ton of coins in HoloCure? Follow the steps below to perform our tried-and-true HoloCure coin farm:

Focus on Damage

When picking a character, focus on pure, raw damage output. Particularly, pick characters with high base damage and, perhaps more importantly, high critical hit chance and damage potential.

The same goes for picking your weapons: focus on damage and your crit stats, then aim to get four collabs as this will just drastically speed up the rate at which you can farm.

Get These Items

Now, let’s focus on the items you need. Here’s what we recommend:

Coin Items

Those four items are the absolute essential you need on any coin farming run. The ‘Super’ variants are better, but the regular versions will do just fine.

  • Halu: You get more HoloCoins for each target defeated, but it increases the strength of your opponents and their spawn rate. Be warned!
  • Super Chatto Time!: Increases the number of HoloCoins you get per level.
  • Stolen Piggy Bank: Generate coins while moving and move faster, but lose pick up range.
  • Study Glasses: Increases XP so you can level up faster and deal more damage.

Pick Up Range

You also want to improve your pick up range, as it has been impacted by Stolen Piggy Bank, and boost that critical chance. Here are your options:

  • Knightly Milk: Boosts pick up range and weapon size.
  • Limiter: Increases pick up range.


Naturally, you want to boost your crits, and there are a few items you can use to do this:

  • Sake: Increases your critical chance.
  • Hope Soda: Boosts your critical chance. You gain additional critical chance for ten seconds after eating food.


Now, let’s boost our damage with these four items:

  • Face Mask: Boosts damage dealt, but also taken.
  • Gorilla’s Paw: Increases damage, but decreases critical chance.
  • Devil Hat: Boosts ranged damage but decreases melee damage.
  • Membership: Increases damage but you lose coins each second.

None of these items come without drawbacks, but I recommend Face Mask to all as we can make up for the extra squishiness with survivability items. As for the other two, it’s Devil Hat for ranged types, and then entirely up to you if you’re melee.


Now, let’s take a look at options to improve your survivability, starting with healing items:

  • Full Meal: Doubles healing from food.
  • Uber Sheep: Drops food at intervals and increases the food drop rate. This item has terrific synergy with Hope Soda.
  • Just Bandages: Heals after you take a hit.
  • Nurse Horn: Recovers HP if you’re hit below 15% of your max HP.
  • Chicken Feather: Revives you up to three times.

Now, let’s take a look at damage reduction:

  • Body Pillow: Take less damage and generate a shield at regular intervals.
  • Breastplate: Reduces damage and reflects damage back at the attacker. It also slows you down.
  • Plushie: Delays the damage you take.

Weapon Upgrades

Finally, let’s take a look at how to boost weapon upgrades. This will allow you to deal a high degree of additional damage a lot faster:

  • Credit Card: This item increases the drop rate of the anvil, as well as reducing the cost of upgrades and enchantments. Very handy.
  • Blacksmith’s Gear: You can use an Anvil twice each time it appears

Greed Stamp

To effectively coin farm, you absolutely need the Greed Stamp. At maximum level, it provides you with a 20% additional chance to gain HoloCoins each time you hit. That can lead to enormous additional revenue.

Other stamps that we’d recommend include:

  • ATK Up Stamp: More damage
  • Crit Up Stamp: More crits
  • Life Steal Stamp: More survivability
  • Haste Up Stamp: Reduces the delay between attacks – great synergy with Greedy Stamp
  • Size Up Stamp: Hit more enemies with each attack – also great synergy with Greed Stamp

In Short

Now, let’s take a look at what we’ve learned. Here’s it in bullets:

  • Focus on maxing your coin and XP upgrades to level up fast
  • Get items that maximise your earnings, like Halu, Super Chatto Time, Study Glasses, and Credit Card
  • Play ‘Stage Mode’ as you get bonus gold each run
  • Aim for collabs, as these will increase your kill speed and help you survive for longer
  • Collect coins on level up to increase your earnings further

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