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Hollywood City – Game Introduction

Hollywood City is a Facebook game developed by Digital Chocolate. Manage your own city full of fame and glamour by building movie and writer’s studios, movie theaters, and landmarks. Produce your own commercials, movies and TV shows for maximum profitability. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Hollywood City by referring to this quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide

Your Company’s Value

It’s all about the bottom line when you’re running your own business. The objective of this game is to increase your company’s net worth.

Hollywood City

By clicking on your headquarters, you’ll get a summary of how your company is doing. Your net worth is a total of your cash in hand, worth of your diamonds, and real estate. Diamonds are worth 60,000 each. Having more will definitely increase your worth.

Real estate worth is dependent on what studios, facilities and landmarks you’ve built in your city. The purchase price for each plot or building is added to your net worth. The higher it costs, the better. Your studio and entertainment building’s worth is increased every time you start a production. The cost of a production will be added to your bottom line under this category and as soon as you collect, it will be removed and the income you get will be added to your cash.

Build your Studios

Different studios are available for you to construct and having a variety of each is recommended when you’re at earlier levels. As a guide, you can follow your advisor and fulfill the missions with regards to constructing buildings.

Your studios will be a source of income when you start your productions. Clicking on a studio will bring up a window for you to choose what production you’d like to invest in. From commercials to TV shows, movies and even musicals, each will indicate how much it’s going to cost to start one, how long it will take, the number of actors needed, total income and experience points you’ll get.

Hollywood City

Take note once you choose a production, you have the option to cancel it at any time. If you do, you’ll get about 50% of the money you invested.

Here’s a tip: When building your studios, make sure you put enough space beside it (or on all sides) to make room for facilities. This will increase the income percentage of your productions.

Residual Income with Entertainment Buildings

Who doesn’t want passive income? Your entertainment buildings give you that opportunity to keep the cash flowing.

Hollywood City

Choose from what is available and make sure to construct it with space around it, closest to your studios. The income indicated in each building is on a per head basis. Let’s use the comedy club as an example, as per the image above.

The comedy club’s income is at $50 an actor. If you look at the screenshot below, there are 6 studios built within its area of influence. Each studio is busy with a production that totals to 31 actors. That’s a total of $1,550 in cash. As long as the studios are not idle, this building will earn you $1,550 every 3 minutes.

Hollywood City

The tip here is to choose a production that can give you the maximum number of actors when it starts. You can also choose one that will give you the highest amount of income as well, maximizing your potential income.

Remember to collect from your entertainment buildings when all of your studios are busy. This means you need to collect from these buildings first before collecting income from your finished productions.

Increase Potential Income with Facilities

Facilities such as writer’s offices, audio labs or even a director’s school can help in increasing your income per studio. Each building will have a corresponding percentage bonus that will affect all studios within its area of influence.

Take note you don’t need to put a plot to build any of the facilities.

Your Advisor and Missions

You can either do a free play at Hollywood City or you can follow your advisor’s missions.

Hollywood City

It doesn’t hurt to follow the missions for that extra reward. If you don’t need cash, then picking missions that reward you diamonds is definitely worth it. Know more about each mission by clicking on the “read more” button and decide whether the reward is worth doing.

You’ll also notice some quests in the list, either from your advisor or from your nemesis, Ruth Less. This follows the story line and usually affects your actor’s reputation. You get to choose whether you’d like to gain more experience points or cash. Depending on where you’re at in the game, you can use this as an extra boost in your strategy.

Hollywood City

Hollywood City

elp your neighbor’s city by promoting their studios. During your visit, you can help promote up to 5 buildings by clicking on them. Remember to click those that don’t have any sparkles on them.

Hollywood City

You’ll get 10 experience points and an extra $100 per building. Take note that not every visit will give you the rewards. This happens if all the studios have already been promoted by their friend.

Get Business Partners for More Rewards

When you visit your neighbor, you’ll get a chance to invite them to be your business partner. It’s recommended that you do. When they accept, every time you visit and promote their studios, you’ll get an extra $50 plus 5 experience points.

Hollywood City

To know if your neighbor is a business partner or have accepted your request, when you promote their studio, the icon shows a special star instead of a plain one. Look at your neighbor’s list and they will also contain the special star image. As an example, the image above shows that William is a business partner and Emma isn’t.


Just above your neighbor’s list, you’ll see an icon that looks like a graph. Clicking on this will let you choose a friend for you to invest in. The list shows friends that are not playing Hollywood City yet.

Choose a friend that is likely to play the game. Your initial investment will be $1000 and will get your earnings of $100,000 if he reaches a net worth of 4 million within 20 days.

Hollywood City

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