Hogwarts Legacy Magical Beasts Guide – Locations and Loot!


Looking for a Hogwarts Legacy magical beasts guide? Look no further! Our guide contains all you need to know about the magical beasts in the game. Whether you’re curious about what loot they drop, or where you can find them as you explore, we’ve covered it!

Hogwarts Legacy is the first open-world RPG based in the universe of the Harry Potter franchise. It’s set in the world that is first described in the books and includes a range of new and old locations! You can make your own character, and become a powerful wizard as you continue your studies at Hogwarts. Learn new spells, improve your potion crafting skills, work on your talents, and embark on a journey!

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Hogwarts Legacy Magical Beasts Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Magical Beasts

  • Graphorn 
    • Found in Clagmar Coast
    • Drops Graphorn Horn
  • Mooncalf 
    • Found in Forbidden Forest and Poidsear Coast
    • Drops Mooncalf Fur
  • Kneazle 
    • Found in South Sea Bog and Marunweem Lake
    • Drops Kneazle Fur
  • Niffler 
    • Found in Feldcroft Region, Poidsear Coast, Cragcroftshire
    • Drops Niffler Fur
  • Thestral 
    • Found in North Ford Bog and Marunweem Lake
    • Drops Thestral Hair
  • Jobberknoll 
    • Found in North Ford Bog, Feldcroft Region, Cragcroftshire
    • Drops Jobberknoll Feather
  • Giant Purple Toad
    • Found in North Ford Bog, Hogsmeade Valley, South Sea Bog, Marunweem Lake, Forbidden Forest
    • Drops Toad Warts
  • Unicorn 
    • Found in Forbidden Forest
    • Drops Unicorn Hair
  • Fwooper 
    • Found in Poidsear, Clagmar Coast, Feldcroft Region
    • Drops Fwooper Feather
  • Puffskein 
    • Found in Forbidden Forest, Feldcroft Region, Clagmar Coast, Poidsear Croft, Hogsmeade Village
    • Drops Puffskein Fur
  • Hippogriff 
    • Found in Feldcroft Region, South Sea Bog
    • Drops Hippogriff Feather
  • Diricawl 
    • Found in Marunweem Lake, Clagmar Coast, Poidsear Coast
    • Diricawl Feather
  • Phoenix 
    • Complete the quest “Phoenix Rising” from Deek in The Room of Requirement
    • Phoenix Feather

How to Capture Magical Beasts

As you work through the main story, you’ll eventually reach a quest called “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom” (it’s quest 23!). Deek provides you with a Nab Sack which allows you to capture magical beasts by aiming your equipped Nab Sack at a target!

Make sure you feed and pet your magical beasts, as this provides you with important resources that the beasts drop.

The Vivarium

The Vivarium is located in The Room of Requirement! This is where the magical beasts you capture will reside. A Vivarium can only hold 4 species at the same time, which is why you need to unlock further Vivariums! There are 3 Vivarium’s in total.

  • 2nd Vivarium – Complete the side quest “The Plight of the House-Elf”
  • 3rd Vivarium – Complete the side quest “Foal of the Dead”

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts

Once you unlock the Nab Sack, you can continue on with the main story. Once you reach quest 25 in the questline, you’ll have a quest called “The High Keep”. As you complete this quest, you’ll unlock the ability to ride a Hippogriff, as well as other beasts.

For more information about the game, visit the official website, or the game’s Steam page.

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