Hogwarts Legacy Gear – Traits, Upgrades, and More!


Not sure which Hogwarts Legacy gear to obtain? Our guide contains all you need to know about gear in the game. Whether you’re curious about the traits system, how to upgrade your gear, or which rarities are the best, we’ve got you covered!

Hogwarts Legacy is the first open-world RPG based in the universe of the Harry Potter franchise. It’s set in the world that is first described in the books and includes a range of new and old locations! You can make your own character, and become a powerful wizard as you continue your studies at Hogwarts. Learn new spells, improve your potion crafting skills, work on your talents, and embark on a journey!

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Hogwarts Legacy Gear

Now, let’s move on to the guide! The gear system in Hogwarts Legacy can be pretty confusing at first. Whether you’re wondering about the different rarities, or you’re looking for more information about gear traits, our guide covers it all!

Hogwarts Legacy Gear Rarities

Keep in mind that every rarity of gear, except Legendary, has fixed stats. You can also only equip pieces of gear that match your Wizarding Level. Gear that is too high-level for your character at the time, will be shown with an icon of a lock.

  • Green – Well-appointed
  • Blue – Superb
  • Purple – Extraordinary
  • Orange – Legendary

Hogwarts Legacy Gear Types

Some pieces of gear can be upgraded in The Room of Requirement, and you can place Traits into them! Additionally, you can also customize the appearance of certain types of gear, and replicate the appearance of another while keeping the same stats.

  • Facewear
  • Headwear
  • Handwear
  • Neckwear
  • Cloaks and Robes
  • Outfits

Gear Traits

Traits can be placed into some pieces of gear to increase or add bonus stats! It’s a pretty useful feature when upgrading your character. You can add Traits to your gear by using the loom in The Room of Requirement.

  • Gear with a Superb rarity have a Trait Slot level of 1
  • Gear with an Extraordinary rarity have a Trait Slot level of 2
  • Gear with a Legendary rarity have a Trait Slot level of 3

To unlock the ability to use traits with your gear, you need to complete the quest “The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom”. Once you complete this quest, you’ll receive a unique loom that allows you to equip traits to specific pieces of gear!

List of Traits

Keep in mind that all traits have 3 tiers in total – with each tier increasing the buff!

  • Ambush – Increases spell damage when using Disillusionment
  • Amphibial Protection – Decreases the damage taken when attacked by Dugbogs
  • Ancient Magic – Increases damage when using Ancient Magic
  • Ancient Magic Focus  – Increases the speed of the Ancient Magic meter refill
  • Anti-Venom – Decreases the damage taken when attacked by spiders
  • Binding – Increases the damage when using Petrificus Totalus
  • Concentration – The damage for damaging spells is increased
  • Control – Increases the damage when using Ancient Magic Throw
  • Cruelty – Increases the damage when using Crucio
  • Cushioning – Decreases damage taken when attacked by trolls
  • Deafening – Increases the damage when using Mandrakes
  • Destruction – Increases the damage when using Confringo
  • Disarming – Increase the damage when using Expelliarmus
  • Explosive – Increases the damage when using Bombarda
  • Fangs – Increases the damage when using the Chinese Chomping Cabbage
  • Goblin-Silver Resistance – Decreases the damage taken when attacked by goblins
  • Herbology – Increases the damage dealt when using plants
  • Laceration – Increases the damage dealt when using Diffindo
  • Lupus Protection – Decreases the damage taken when attacked by Dark Mongrels
  • Manipulation – Increases the damage dealt when using imperio
  • Necromantic Protection – Decreases the damage taken when attacked by Inferi
  • Protego Shielding – Decreases the damage taken when attacked by Dark Wizards
  • Scorching – Increases the damage dealt when using Incendio
  • Unforgivable – Increases the damage dealt when attacking cursed enemies
  • Venom – Increases the damage dealt when using Venomous Tentacula

Upgrading Gear

You can upgrade pieces of gear at the loom in The Room of Requirement. Keep in mind that gear can be upgraded a total of 3 times before they reach their maximum level. You also need to make sure that you have the correct materials when performing upgrades.

You should get into the habit of using the Identification Station in The Room of Requirement, as it’s a useful feature that allows you to inspect your gear. This allows you to find out exactly which stats and abilities your gear has!

What is Legendary Gear?

Legendary gear is the best rarity in the game. These pieces of gear have a level 3 Trait Slot, which means you can add the strongest bonuses in the game. Legendary pieces of gear can only be found in specific areas, such as inside chests, collections, and boss/enemy drops.

Hogwarts Legacy Gear List

Now, let’s crack on with the list of gear!


  • Silver Wooden Spectacles – Superb Rarity
  • Gold Rimmed Circular Spectacles
  • Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles – Legendary Rarity
  • Asylum Mask
  • Bookish Half-Rim Spectacles
  • Dark Arts Mask
  • Gold Dragon-Eyed Spectacles
  • Hogwarts Regalia Spectacles
  • Mermaid Mask
  • Sanguine Mask
  • Silver Rimmed Half-Moon Spectacles
  • Solar Protection Spectacles
  • Zonko’s Chief Prankster Spectacles
  • Curious Silver Spectacles


  • Lace Sorcerer Cap – Extraordinary Rarity
  • Dark Flatcap
  • Renaissance Cap – Superb Rarity
  • Tattered Top Hat – Superb Rarity
  • Light Herbologise Hat
  • Indigo Sorcerer Hat
  • Patchwork Sorcerer Hat – Legendary Rarity
  • Fairy Green Sorcerer Hat – Legendary Rarity
  • Blue Nightcap
  • Byzantine Beret
  • Dark Arts Garrison Hat
  • Dark Arts Hat
  • Dark Sun Cap
  • First-Year Cap
  • Nomad Hat
  • Periwinkle Top Hat
  • Plum Sorcerer Hat
  • Rustic Sleeping Cap
  • Scarecrow Sorcerer Hat
  • Straw Sun Hat
  • Stylish Top Hat
  • Tan Nightcap
  • Whimsical Night Cap


  • Snowy Owl Scarf – Extraordinary Rarity
  • Teal Clockwork Scarf
  • Natural Beige Scarf
  • Loosened Cobalt Scarf – Superb Rarity
  • Spring Ivy Scarf – Legendary Rarity
  • Sienna Bloom Scarf – Legendary Rarity
  • Celtic Brushstroke Scarf
  • Crimson Clockwork Scarf
  • Dark Arts Scarf
  • Fringed Cerulean Runic Scarf
  • Fringed Forest Lock Scarf
  • House Emblem Scarf
  • Lavender Patch Scarf
  • Loosened Black and White Pinstripe Scarf
  • Loosened Umber Autumn Scarf
  • Mauve Lock Scarf
  • Royal Chinese Fireball Scarf
  • Striped House Colour Scarf
  • Top of the Class Scarf

Cloaks and Robes

  • Ambitious Cloak
  • Traditional School Robe
  • Elegant Runic Cape – Extraordinary Rarity
  • Brushed Wool Cape – Well-appointed Rarity
  • Charming School Cloak
  • Resplendent Robe – Legendary Rarity
  • Crimson Patterned Robe – Legendary Rarity
  • Quidditch Cape – Legendary Rarity
  • Flamboyant Cloak – Legendary Rarity
  • Athletic House Robe – Legendary Rarity
  • Embellished Cobalt Coat – Legendary Rarity
  • Quidditch Robe – Legendary Rarity
  • Embossed Tailcoat – Legendary Rarity
  • Cobalt Adventure Ensemble
  • Currant Patterned Longcoat
  • Dark Arts Robe
  • Druid Wolf Cape
  • Emerald Silk Robe
  • Illustrious Emerald Silk Robe
  • Legendary Cape
  • Majestic School Robe
  • Steel Blue Robe
  • Two-Tone House Cloak


  • Cerulean Rivet Gloves – Superb Rarity
  • Cedar Rivet Gloves – Well-appointed Rarity
  • Rugged Duelling Gloves – Superb Rarity
  • Black Rivet Gloves – Legendary Rarity
  • Black Leather Gloves
  • Burgundy Quidditch Gloves
  • Checked Gloves
  • Dark Arts Gloves
  • Green Striped Gloves
  • Hogwarts Regalia Gloves
  • Legendary Gloves


  • Autumn Jumper Uniform – Legendary Rarity
  • Cream Pinstripe Ensemble
  • Prefect Shirt and the Uniform
  • Emerald Highland Attire – Legendary Rarity
  • Crimson Voyager Garb – Legendary Rarity
  • Decorous Classic School Uniform
  • Professional Blazer Uniform
  • Plaid Formal School Uniform – Well-appointed Rarity
  • Rose Riding Attire – Legendary Rarity
  • Secret Solver’s Nightwear – Legendary Rarity
  • Worn Quidditch Uniform – Legendary Rarity
  • Dark Smithing Attire – Legendary Rarity
  • Diamond Debonair Ensemble – Legendary Rarity
  • Cobalt Regalia
  • Crossed Wands Champion Garb
  • Dark Arts Ensemble
  • Grey Adventurer Ensemble
  • Grey Highland Attire
  • Plaid Vest Uniform
  • Prefect Vest Uniform
  • Red Plaid Garb
  • Scottish Jumper Attire
  • Stylish Vest Uniform
  • Tartan Casual School Uniform

For more information about the game, visit the official website, or the game’s Steam page.

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