Hogwarts Legacy Friendship Guide – How To Get Companions

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Are you a lonely young wizard in Hogwarts Legacy? Want to make friends and influence people? Our Hogwarts Legacy Friendship Guide is here to help! We’ll teach you how to score some companions, and who your future pals might be.

Hogwarts Legacy is an action RPG set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It takes place many years before the events of the books, and lets you explore the wizard school in a whole new way.

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Hogwarts Legacy Friendship Guide

We’ll try and answer any questions you have on the topic of friendship and companions below!

What Are Companions?

Companions are fellow students at Hogwarts whom you can build a good relationships with. Players will need to grow their friendship with these people and earn their trust. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to unlock their help on quests. A companion can add extra skills to your roster and help you out.

Who Are The Companions?

There are a few companions that we know about so far, and they’ve mostly corresponded to the different houses in Hogwarts.

Natasi Onai

The known Gryffindor companion, Natasi is a transfer from the African wizarding academy, Uagadou. She changed schools after her mother was appointed the divination teacher at Hogwarts.

Sebastian Sallow

Sebastian is the know companion residing in Slytherin. In some ways he breaks the stereotypes, as a charming and principled young man. In some ways, he embodies them flawlessly with his dabbling in the Dark Arts. Sebatian’s sister Ann has been cursed, and he’s trying to find some way to help her.

Poppy Sweeting

Poppy is the Hufflepuff companion, and hits all the notes of her house. She is kind, caring, and has a love of animals. Her skills with non-human creatures could potentially come in handy with all the strange beasts wandering about.

Amit Thakkar

Amit Thakkar is the Ravenclaw companion. As you might expect, Amit is a bit of an academic. He’s a budding historian, a keen amateur astronomer, and has plans for authoring his own book.

What Is Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is an ARPG in the Harry Potter universe. It takes place in the 1800s and puts you in the shoes of a student in the famous wizarding school, Hogwarts. You can explore the castle, befriend other students, and tame strange creatures as you unearth a plot taking place inside the academy.

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