Hogwarts Legacy Door Symbols Guide – How To Solve The Puzzle Doors

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Wondering what those weird doors are and how to open them? Our Hogwarts Legacy Door Symbols guide will give you the info you need.

Hogwarts Legacy is an action RPG set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It takes place many years before the events of the books, and lets you explore the wizard school in a whole new way.

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Hogwarts Legacy Door Symbols Guide

We’ll try and cover anything you might want to know about the door symbols, and the game itself below.

What Are Symbol Doors?

Symbol doors are large, elaborate doors that can be found all around Hogwarts. They have gold frames depicting symbols of various creatures, and in the centre they have some triangles with symbols and numbers. Either side of the door will be panels that can be interacted with, and set to one of the symbols.

What Do The Symbols Mean?

The creature symbols correspond to numbers. You can find a page in game with a key, though the order goes as follows:

  • 0 – Demiguise
  • 1 – Unicorn
  • 2 – Graphorn
  • 3 – Runespoor
  • 4 – Fwooper
  • 5 – Quintaped
  • 6 – Salamander
  • 7 – Giant Squid
  • 8 – Acromantula
  • 9 – Hydra

You might need to read up on your Harry Potter monsters to get the most out of the key, here.

How Do I Open The Doors?

Once you know the number each symbol corresponds to, the puzzle is simply a matter of solving a few each maths problems. The number in the middle of the triangle is the total, so you just need to convert any symbols into numbers, find the missing value, convert that back into a symbol, and enter it into the controls on either side. It’s simple once you know how.

What Do I Get For Opening The Doors?

The loot you can get from the doors varies, though is usually a rare piece of gear. They’re a good option to seek out if you’re looking to jazz up your character a bit, and they’re not too hard once you have the key to the number values.

What Is Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is an ARPG in the Harry Potter universe. It takes place in the 1800s and puts you in the shoes of a student in the famous wizarding school, Hogwarts. You can explore the castle, befriend other students, and tame strange creatures as you unearth a plot taking place inside the academy.

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