Hogwarts Legacy Day And Night Schedule


Are you wondering how to change the day/night cycle on Hogwarts Legacy? Then you’ve come to the right place. The game is full of quests that are day/night specific, so it’s only natural you would want to know how to skip the wait and get straight to it. Luckily for you, we’ve created a Hogwarts Legacy Day And Night Schedule guide, teaching you everything you need to know.

Hogwarts Legacy is the brand new Harry Potter spin-off game that lets you finally live out your Hogwarts dream in a fantasy-adventure video game format. Become a Hogwarts student, learn spells, learn to fly a broom, as well as much more. Explore Hogwarts’ many corridors, grounds, and the Forbidden Forest, while rising to the top of your classes.

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Hogwarts Legacy Day And Night Schedule

We’ll now dive straight into the guide. We’ll split it up into a few different sections to make processing it easier.

How To Change The Day And Night Cycle

There’s a way you can skip the wait and jump straight to night/day in Hogwarts Legacy. Thankfully, it’s relatively simple, and all you’ll have to do is follow these simple steps…

  1. Open your map
  2. Select “wait” – in the bottom right of the screen, it will state which button/key you’ll have to press in order to select “wait”, depending on your controller/keyboard

And that’s it! If it’s day when you select “wait”, time will fast forward and you’ll find yourself at night time. If it’s already night when you select “wait”, time will fast forward still, except you’ll find yourself at day.

Why Do I Need To Change The Day/Night Cycle?

When playing through Hogwarts Legacy, you might find yourself coming across a few side-quests here and there that can only be completed at a certain time of day. One of these quests, for example, is the Demiguise statue quest, which tasks you with retreiving orbs from the ominous statues found around the map.

Unfortunately, you can only complete this quest at night (find out why in our Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Statue guide), making this neat little method incredibly helpful.

What Is Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is the new ARPG within the Harry Potter world. Set outside of the main Potter chronology, the game puts you in the shoes of a Hogwarts student as you progress through your academic years at the famous school for witchcraft and wizardry.

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