Higan: Eruthyll Tier List – All Characters Ranked

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Not sure which characters to add to your party? Our Higan: Eruthyll tier list is here to help you. In this guide, we rank all of the characters from the heights of S tier to the depths of D tier. We keep it updated too, as often as new characters are introduced and balance patches, so we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back often. That way, you’ll always have a top team.

Higan: Erythyll is a gacha RPG that combines vintage-inspired art with a futuristic tech/magic setting. You know the drill by now: collect characters, form a team out of them, and level them up to increase their power. That way, you can take on the most challenging content the game has to offer. The visuals are gorgeous too, and are genuinely console-quality during the game’s intense combat sequences.

You can learn more about Higan: Eruthyll on the official site. Fan of gacha games? Well, we’ve got plenty more where this comes from. Make sure to check out our Alice Fiction tier list, Among Gods tier list, and Argent Twilight tier list.

Higan: Eruthyll Tier List

Last checked for new characters on September 13.

Below, we rank all of the characters from the heights of S tier to the depths of D tier.

S Tier

These are the best characters in the game, and are well worth rerolling for.

  • Eluya
  • Gyldan
  • Kloar
  • Screamer
  • Sirslet

Higan: Eruthyll Tier List – A Tier

Solid characters that are great for filling gaps in your party.

  • Ciamkom
  • Fene

B Tier

These characters will carry you through the early game, but are worth swapping out as soon as you unlock something better.

  • Black
  • Eupheria
  • Isa
  • Kueen
  • Nuno
  • Rooco

Higan: Eruthyll Tier List – C Tier

These characters can fulfil niche roles but are otherwise worth avoiding.

  • Asa
  • Cella
  • Mireya
  • Ume

D Tier

Avoid these characters at all costs.

  • There are no D tier characters just yet.

And that will do it for our Higan: Eruthyll tier list. Make sure to grab it via the links at the top of this page, check out our other guides linked in the third paragraph, and bookmark this page and check back daily for more solutions.

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