Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our walkthrough Hidden in Time – Mirror Mirror.

Timed: The normal play mode, where you will be given 59 minutes to complete a chapter of 3
locations, which you each visit twice.

Relaxed: Play through the game without a time limit.

Original: The default game mode, either in timed or relaxed mode.

Mirrored: Again you can choose between timed and relaxed, but now the scenes are mirrored.


Hint mirrors always return for the next time you play on that location, so don’t worry about having to
save them up. Also, during the last visits to a location in a chapter, 2 mini-games will allow you to fill
your hints back up.

Clicking more than 6 times without finding an item is considered random clicking, and will lead to a
time penalty.


The items you need, are chosen differently every time, so it is possible you will be asked for (some)
different items then in this guide. If you are lost on certain items, check the images from that location
later on, and check if the item is requested there.

RED CIRCLED ITEMS are the items on the item list that you need to find.
BLUE CIRCLED ITEMS are hint mirrors.
GREEN CIRCLED ITEMS are key items, such as an item you need to move to reveal something, a box, a letter or a key.

Main Gate 1

Drawing Room 1

Mirror mini-game 1

Music Room 1

Main gate 2

Difference mini-game 1

Drawing Room 2

Music Room 2

Painting mini-game 1

Attic 1

Staircase 1

Mirror mini-game 2

Stables 1

Attic 2

Difference mini-game 2

Staircase 2

Stables 2

Painting mini-game 2

Armory 1

Kitchen 1

Mirror mini-game 3

Garden Walk 1

Armory 2

Difference mini-game 3

Kitchen 2

Garden Walk 2

Painting mini-game 3

Study Fireplace 1

Tower Base 1

Mirror mini-game 4

Bedchamber 1

Study Fireplace 2

Difference mini-game 4

Tower Base 2

Bedchamber 2

Painting mini-game 4

Dressing Room 1

Guest Room 1

Mirror mini-game 5

Moat Underwater 1

Dressing Room 2

Difference mini-game 5

Guest Room 2

Moat Underwater 3

Painting mini-game 5

Gypsy Wagon 1

Castle Approach 1

Mirror mini-game 5

Nursery 1

Gypsy Wagon 2

Difference mini-game 5

Castle Approach 2

Nursery 2

Painting mini-game 5

Courtyard 1

Wine Cellar 1

Mirror mini-game 6

Deep Forest 1

Courtyard 2

Difference mini-game 6

Wine Cellar 2

Deep Forest 2

Painting mini-game 6

Dungeon Entrance 1

Dungeon Cell 1

Mirror mini-game 7

Tower Battlements 1

Dungeon Entrance 2

Difference mini-game 7

Dungeon Cell 2

Tower Battlements 2

Painting mini-game 8

Alchemist’s Lair 1

Conservatory 1

Mirror mini-game 9

Dining Hall 1

Alchemist’s Lair 2

Difference mini-game 9

Conservatory 2

Dining Hall 2

Painting mini-game 9

Mirror Mirror Room

In the Mirror Room, first place the mirror shards from the bottom of the scene, back in the mirror.

  • Now move the keys from the top of the mirror, across the mirror on the opposide bottom side.
  • Now find all 8 items listed.

  • Behind the dynamite stick, the watering can, the tower of Pisa, the rabbit and the cow, you will find scrolls
  • with instructions. The goal here is to press the buttons on the wall, which change the time on the clock
  • hidden in the wall, so that it’s time will be a mirror of the clock on the table.
  • In order to do this in the simplest way, click the left button 5 times, and the right button twice.
  • After setting the clock, click on it and collect the deed.



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