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Game Introduction – Hidden Haunts

Hidden Haunts is a hidden object game on Facebook that takes you on an eerie journey where you assist Cassie, Professor Graves and many others with the investigation of poltergeists in the beautiful village of Lost Haven. Can you banish the ghosts and free their spirits? Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To start playing the game, make sure you have a Facebook account and click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.

Hidden Haunts

  • The game is story dependent, and you will need to click through several dialogue screens as you play. The dialogue can sometimes help you along on your quests.
  • Cassie is the main character that leads you through a brief tutorial. You may also visit Cassie’s town as if she is one of your Facebook friends and collect from her once every twenty four hours in a speed search banish the ghost round.

Hidden Haunts

  • Game Settings – Note at the top right of the screen there are two small buttons. The first button enlarges the screen to full screen which is highly recommended. You can escape full screen by clicking on your “Esc” button.
  • The second button with the gear icon is for game settings and will expand downwards. The buttons exposed allow you to and you can mute the sound effects, game music, and zoom in or out of the scene.
  • Game Play basics – In Hidden Haunts you will be searching hidden object scenes that you will unlock as you medal and level up in the game. Each time you complete a hidden object scene you will earn energy and coins. With these coins you can purchase items to build your town with. There are quests located along the left side of the screen and these will guide you in your game if you are not sure how to proceed. The more you play, the more you earn and the more you can build, the more structures and decorations you place, the more instinct you earn which is what unlocks more scenes to search. Some scenes are hidden object, find the differences, and speed challenges where you have sixty seconds to find a never ending list of items in the scene for a large reward bonus.

Game Elements

Hidden Haunts

  • Along the top of the game screen you will see things pertinent to your game such as power indicator, level and experience indicator, insight meter, and the amount of cash you have on hand. You can place your cursor over any of these meters for more specific information such as how many experience points you need to reach the next game level.
  • Above these buttons you will see even more buttons and these control the social functions of your game such as messages where you accept gifts from other Facebook friends playing the game, invitations where you can invite new players, as well as purchasing more currency and sending daily free gifts to your neighbors.
  • Along the bottom of the screen you will see your neighbor list. Anyone playing the game will automatically add to this list. If you don’t see them just reload your game. You can invite others not playing the game from the invite button at the bottom or along the top of the game screen.
  • Each element is explained here in more detail.

Game Currency

  • There are two types of currency in the game which consists of coins and gems.
  • You can see how much of each you have in the upper left corner of the game screen.
  • Click on the “+” symbol next to either to purchase more currency.
  • Coins – This is the major game currency and what you use to purchase the majority of the items in the game. You start off with 1,000 coins when you begin the game for the first time.
  • Gems – This is the secondary currency of which you are given 10 when you begin the game. Additional gems must be purchased. These can purchase decorative items or houses that will give you large instinct values and you may also use gems to skip certain obstacles such as earning medals, gaining torches, unlocking scenes and skipping elements of quests along with many others.

Hidden Haunts

  • Purchase additional currency – You have the option to purchase additional coins or gems to use in your game. These purchases will be charged to a major credit card, PayPal, account, or via other options offered on the purchase page. Facebook credits are purchased in increments starting from $2.00 up to $100 USD.

Level and Experience

  • Each time you complete a task, search a hidden object scene, place an item in your town and complete a quest you will earn experience points.
  • Experience points accumulate to help you reach the next level in the game and unlock new scenes to search as well as new quests to complete.
  • At the top left near the center you will see your level indicator and experience meters.
  • Your current level is shown in the gold star. The meter fills up with gold as you earn experience points. Once it fills up you reach the next level and it starts over again. Place your cursor over the meter at any time to see how many experience points you are away from reaching the next level in the game.


Hidden Haunts

  • Energy is a very important component of the game. Each time you play a hidden object scene with the exception of neighbor visits, it will cost you 10 energy points to play.
  • The energy meter is located at the top center of the game screen and symbolized with a blue lightning bolt.
  • You are given a maximum of 50 energy points at a time and this amount does not increase as you level up as in some games.
  • Energy regenerates at a rate of one energy point every four minutes so it takes several hours to regenerate to a full energy meter.

Hidden Haunts

  • How to get more energy – There are a few ways to get more energy when you need it.
  • Purchase it – You can use gems to purchase more energy if you wish to continue to play.
  • You can purchase in the following increments
  • 2 Gems – 4 energy points
  • 4 Gems – 12 energy points
  • 10 Gems – 40 energy points
  • Remember, you need 10 energy points each time you play a hidden object or find the difference scene in the game.
  • Ask your Neighbors to send energy – This is a great way to get more energy. Click on the “Ask” button and you will be allowed to ask your neighbors to send you free energy. They can send you up to three energy points. When you accept these they are stored in your inventory and you must go to your inventory and redeem them to add them to your energy meter. (Click on the check mark button at bottom right then on the inventory button. When you see your energy gifts click on “Use” multiple times to add them to your energy meter for use.)
  • Visit your Neighbors for energy reward – By doing daily neighbor visits you can do a speed search round which takes sixty seconds to complete. Once you finish you will be rewarded with coins, experience and two energy points which add up if you have a lot of neighbors. Note that you can only visit a neighbor once in a twenty four hour period.


Hidden Haunts

  • The meter to the right of the energy meter is known as your “Insight” meter. Insight is very important to your game.

Hidden Haunts

  • As you play and purchase items for your town they have an insight value. Each item is different and items purchased with gems have very high insight values.
  • Insight points are added to the meter at the top with the key next to it. This meter fills up with green as you earn and place insight points and when it fills up you unlock the next hidden object scene in the game.
  • Remember, the insight points only count once you place items in your town. If you remove an item to put it into your inventory for storage the insight points you had in your town will be deducted for that item.
  • You can place your cursor on the insight meter at any time to see how close you are to unlocking the next scene.
  • You also have the option of using gems to unlock scenes if you do not wish to wait until you have enough insight points by placing items in your town.


  • Quests are located along the left side of the screen and there are two different types you can complete.

Hidden Haunts

  • Building Quests – These are shown with the tool icons and these quests require you purchase certain items and place them in your town which will also increase your insight points.
  • Hidden Object Scene Quests – These quests have to do with completing certain hidden object scenes.
  • Each time you complete one of these quests you will earn an energy, coin, and experience point reward.
  • You can click on a quest any time you wish to read it.
  • Some quests will take you directly to the game shop by clicking on the links offered or will take you directly to a hidden object scene.

How to play

  • The town is where you will build and add on for instinct points. Only the highlighted ground can be built on at this time. You will have the option to purchase expansions and to build up some of the old houses you see in gray once you unlock those locations in the game by completing hidden object scenes several times and earning instinct points by building onto your town and completing quests.
  • There are currently six locations in the game. This may increase in future game updates.
  • The order you play in is shown in the book which is accessed at the lower left side of the screen or by clicking on the Greystone Manor in the center of the scene or any manor that represents a scene of which there is one per location.

Hidden Haunts

  • Once the book is open you can see the various locations and you will also see each location has hidden object scenes associated with it.
  • The locations in order are –
  • Greystone Manor
  • Peckish Hen Tavern
  • Chateau Laveau
  • Havishaw Academy
  • Morgana Ridge
  • Faustus Tower
  • Each location has six hidden object scenes you must unlock and complete.
  • Gems can be used to unlock these scenes if you do not want to wait. This can be very expensive.
  • Premium Scenes – You can use gems to purchase premium scenes when they are available.

Hidden Object Scenes

  • Once you are in the book click on the hidden object scene you wish to play.
  • Ten energy points will be deducted for your energy meter every time you play a scene.
  • You will see a list of items at the bottom of the screen written out in text. Later scenes in the game may have image outlines or shadows you must use to identify the hidden objects or descriptions of the items in riddle form instead of stating what the item is directly.

Hidden Haunts

  • When you locate a hidden object click on it and it will disappear from the scene and you will be rewarded points for locating it.
  • The faster you locate items the better your score. There is a multiplier in play that will increase the faster you find items. Be sure to keep an eye on this area and try to find it as early as possible in your turn.
  • There are several bonuses you can earn which are summarized for you at the end of your turn.

Hidden Haunts

  • Search Score – These are the actual points you earn for the items you have located.
  • Intuition Bonus – At the bottom left of the game screen there is a circle where an additional item will begin to show up through a hazy fog. The more items you find the clearer this image will become. It is an item hidden in the scene. As soon as you can tell what the item is and locate it click on it in the scene and you will earn a very large intuition bonus.
  • Skill Bonus – This is figured based on the order you find the items in the list.
  • Speed Bonus – The faster you find items the more you will earn for a speed bonus.
  • Combo Bonus – If you find items fast enough in succession you will earn combo bonuses. The multiplier is shown at the top left of the screen as a blue wheel. If you stop clicking on items too long this will go back to zero and start again. The highest multiplier you can get is eight times the search score.
  • Note that the scenes are always the same with items always in the same locations. The difference will be the list of items you are asked to find. This will vary with each turn.
  • Medals – You will see medals at the top of each summary screen. You can earn full medals or partial medals on each turn. Many times you will need to complete a certain number of medals in a location to complete a quest.
  • Placement Rankings – You will also see a summary of your friends and who are the top ranked players on this same search screen among your friends. Use the bar at the side to read the order of scores of all your friends to see where you rank. This can be a great incentive to get faster at certain scenes to see if you can move them out of the top scoring positions.

Speed Round Hidden Object Scenes

Hidden Haunts

  • Speed rounds are played and scored exactly the same are regular rounds with just a few differences.
  • In a speed round you get to find as many objects as you possibly can in a sixty second time frame.
  • As soon as an item is located a new item will appear in its place on the list.
  • You will never be able to find all the items just the most possible.
  • These speed screens are seen for certain quests in your game and this is what you always see when you visit your neighbors. You can play one speed round per neighbor per twenty four hour period for a bonus of coins, XP, and energy points.

Find the Differences

Hidden Haunts

  • As soon as you reach level five you will begin to see find the differences screens.
  • Here you will have two screens side by side and you must locate the ten differences between the two screens by clicking on either side of the screen where you see a difference.
  • Be sure to look everywhere including between picture frames, on the wall, and all borders of the scene.
  • The faster you click on the differences the higher your overall score.
  • You will earn the same type of score as the hidden objects scene along with the bonuses and rankings at the end.

Using Hints

Hidden Haunts

  • You are allowed to use hints in the game if you need but they will lower your overall score and bonuses.
  • There are four different types of hints available and you will unlock the different hints as you level up in the game and reach level ten in the game.
  • The first type of hint is unlimited and you can use it as many times as you like once it recharges. The other hints must be gifted to you by your neighbors and you only have a certain number. You must claim them from your inventory in order to use them.
  • To use a hint click on it in the lower right corner of the game screen.
  • The item will be identified to you based on the type of hint you have chosen.
  • The game pics a random item on the list and shows you where it is. Simply click on it once it is identified for you.
  • All hints are timed with a recharge feature. You will have to wait a few seconds in between uses for the hint to regenerate or a specific type of hint to regenerate.
  • Random excessive clicking will result in the screen locking out on you for five seconds.

Placing items in your Town

  • As you play and complete quests you will need to place items in your town. Each item you place will increase your overall instinct score which determines the rate at which scenes unlock for you.
  • Most items are paid for with coins and a few you can purchase with gems. These items have very high instinct scores.
  • The items you place count toward your overall score and if you remove any items and place them in storage you will lose the points they contribute.
  • Usually it is a quest that will guide you to place a specific item in your town. Click on the quest buttons with tools on them to see these tasks. You will earn rewards for completing them.

Hidden Haunts

  • Game Store – You can go to the store directly from the quest list or you can click on the build button at the bottom right of the screen to open the game store. The store will then expand and you will see three category buttons to choose from.
  • Decorations – These are items such as trees, farm plots, crops, gardens, and more. You earn instinct points for each item you place. These are the smallest number of instinct points you can earn.
  • B. Buildings – There are several types of buildings for purchase here and usually only one or two per level available. These are the largest number of instinct points you can place in your town.
  • C. Paths – These are the roads you can place. You can placed paved street or cobblestone paths.
  • Only so many items are available for purchase per level of the game. This is why leveling up is so important to keep you moving through different scenes and expanding your town.

Hidden Haunts

  • How to place an item on your land – Once you have the item located you wish to purchase click on it and the item will stick to your cursor.
  • Place the item anywhere there is highlighted empty space and you should see a faint green outline around it. If you see red the item can not be placed in that location.
  • Simply click on the ground where you wish to place the item and it should lock in place. At this point the funds are deducted from your account totals.
  • If you wish to purchase another item of the same type you will have to repeat this step each time.
  • D. Inventory – The last tab in the shop is your inventory tab. This is where all items you are gifted are placed as well as any items in your town you decide to move.

How to move, flip, Store, or sell items from your town

  • A time may come when you want to move an item, change its direction, take it out of your town temporarily or sell it permanently. You may do this for items in your town.
  • Clicking on any item in your town once will bring up a menu as shown in the image above.

Hidden Haunts

  • Simply click on the option you wish to follow.
  • Move – You can change the location of any item except the permanent houses that take you to the scene book. Once you replace an item the instinct points will still stand as before.
  • Store – These items will move into your inventory until you move them back. You will lose any instinct points associated with an item if you move it out of your town.
  • Sell – NOTE – There is no confirmation message when you click on sell. The item will instantly disappear. You will only earn one quarter of the purchase value from selling an item and you will lose all instinct points it provided so only sell items if you are absolutely desperate for funds to play your game.
  • Flip – Clicking on this option will change the direction of the item in your town but will not decrease the number of instinct points it earns you while in the town.

Expanding your Town

Hidden Haunts

  • If you place your cursor anywhere in the perimeter of your town you will see messages stating you may be able to expand this area.
  • In order to expand you must be at the appropriate level in the game and you will have to meet certain requirements before you are allowed to expand your town.
  • Torches – Torches are a requirement of expansion and you can only get them by requesting them from your neighbors as gifts. Once you have the required number of torches you will be allowed to purchase the expansion.
  • You may also use gems to bypass any expansion requirement if you wish.
  • Once you have all the required elements to expand click to purchase it and you will see a small area of the town unlock and highlight.
  • You may now place additional decorative items and buildings on this land.
  • Some expansions are quests so you may want to limit yourself to very inexpensive small expansions until you see one as a quest.

Visiting Facebook Neighbors

  • Once every twenty four hours you can visit your Facebook neighbors that are also playing the game for coins, XP, and energy as a reward.
  • Your neighbors are shown along the bottom of the screen in order of level.
  • Place your cursor over their picture until you see the “Visit” sign rise out of the top.
  • Click on the visit sign and you will be taken to their town and will be able to see just how they have chosen to decorate it.

Hidden Haunts

  • You will be prompted to look for the poltergeist in your friend’s village.
  • Look around until you see the little ghost outlined in bright blue. Usually he is at the top of a tall building. Click on the ghost.
  • Now you will be taken to a sixty second speed round of a hidden object scene you may or may not know.
  • You are to find as many items as you can in one minute. As soon as you find one item a new one will appear on the list instantly in its place. There are sixty nine objects available to find in one minute if you are super fast.
  • The faster you find items the better your score. There is no item for an intuition bonus in the speed rounds.
  • Once you have completed the speed round you will be rewarded with XP, coins and energy to add to your meter.
  • Note – You can only visit each neighbor once in a twenty four hour period.
  • This is a great thing to do each day and if you run out of energy and do not want to purchase more or wait for it to regenerate.

Sending Free Gifts to Neighbors

Hidden Haunts

  • Once every twenty four hours you are allowed to send free gifts to up to fifty of your Facebook neighbors also playing the game.
  • At first you can give free energy points and as you level up more gifts will unlock that you can send.
  • It is a good idea to try and send out daily gifts so others will do the same for you.
  • Some of the items are energy and some are decorative items that add additional instinct points to your village.

Accepting Free gifts sent to you

Hidden Haunts

  • Anytime a neighbor sends you a free gift you will see a number above the messages button above the top of the game screen. You may also click on the envelope icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Once in the messages area you will have to accept each gift individually.
  • Accepted gifts will be placed in your inventory until you go there to get them and place them either in your town or assign the energy points to your energy meter for use.


  • You have completed the quick start guide for Hidden Haunts by Making Fun, Inc. at Facebook. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo.

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