Hidden Expedition: Titanic Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Don’t you dare think of diving into the depths of Hidden Expedition: Titanic without these Tips & Tricks:

  • Pay attention to objects you see outside the windows, they are often things you need to collect.
  • Many items are hidden partially off-screen, be sure to check around the edges of the room – especially the left side.
  • Don’t get stuck on one meaning of a word: a “pipe” could refer to a water pipe or a tobacco pipe.
  • In the photo mini-game, don’t restrict yourself to using the first pieces that appear: scroll through them until you find one you recognize.
  • In the mini-game where your list is just the outlines of the objects to find, the actual objects could be larger or smaller than the silhouettes, but they are never rotated left or right.
  • Don’t use a “hint” until you have looked for every item on your list; hints take away two minutes of oxygen, and you’ll need to save plenty of time for the mini-game that comes after each dive.
  • You can get extra time by finding oxygen tanks – each dive has exactly one room with a tank.
  • The “prehistoric toy” refers to a dinosaur.
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