Hex Crush! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Lian Amaris |

Hex Crush! is a seemingly simple puzzle game based on filling and then clearing a hexagonal board with differently shaped modular tiles. Your goal is to complete lines of tiles that fully cross the board. There are no timers to push you and no fast reflexes are needed to be successful. Hex Crush! is a relaxing endless puzzler that will continue as long as you want, and because of its great design, that will be a long time. Gamezebo’s Hex Crush tips, cheats and strategies will help you make the most of your hex-perience.

Work Your Way In, Then Out

Hex Crush! tips cheats strategies

When you are setting up your board with your first dozen moves, try to keep your tiles filling up along the edges without gaps. This will give you the most possible options as things get tighter and because the outside edges are shortest, you’ll start earning points immediately. Over time, your board starts to fill up with the random pieces left behind after completed lines. Cluster around those orphans with more pieces and work your way out from them, avoiding making gaps if possible.

Save Your Singles

The smallest tile that comes up is one unit and it is essentially a tile of gold. You can solve a lot of problems with that single unit. Save it for completing lines that you need to get rid of instantly, or for filling up spots that can only take tiles of two or three units; this is important to do because there are no two- or three-unit tiles that will come up as options to use. If you have a spot that is completely surrounded by other tiles, or on an edge or corner where no other piece will possibly fit, drop that single; that’s the reason you’ve been saving it.

Remember Your Lines

Hex Crush! tips cheats strategies

You receive score bonuses by completing multiple lines with one move. Set up multiple lines in multiple directions that all lead to one single point. You can do this by clustering your tiles from a central point and then fanning out by building on that central point. Push out to the edges you’ve already been building and you’ll soon be able to drop one shape to complete several lines at once.

Mind The Gap

You can avoid creating long expanses that require the four-piece line; however, you cannot plan when that shape will appear as an option to use. To prevent being left with a three-unit gap and only a four-unit line to fill it, make sure you use those lines early and often. Ideal locations for the long pieces are along edges in the early rounds, but as spaces become more unpredictable, put those lines down where they make contact with the most possible tiles; that will prevent creating additional difficult gaps in the board.

Bonus tips

  • Sometimes a piece will not line up perfectly or in the most ideal way, but it may have just one dangling piece that will clear a whole row. If things are getting tight, it’s worth dropping that tile into place so you can free up more space.
  • You don’t have to use the shapes in the order they appear; use whichever one is the best for the board at the time.
  • If you accidentally drop a tile, there is no way to undo it so be careful when testing out locations.
  • Check out the board from different angles to ensure you’re seeing all of the potential lines; as we get used to one orientation we start to only see options from that one perspective.
  • If you have three pieces that will not fit anywhere on the board, your game will automatically stop. You can continue from you are by watching an ad, however, your board will be completely wiped.

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