How To Obtain The Herrscher Of Human Ego Sakura Stand – Plus Movesets!

Want to know how to obtain the weapons from Herrscher of Human Ego in Sakura Stand? Our guide tells you that plus weapon movesets!

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Our guide tells you everything you need to know about the Herrscher Of Human Ego Sakura Stand. From how to obtain this weapon, to what it is capable of our walkthrough has it all!

Sakura Stand is a Roblox game based on the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise. The game itself focuses on farming simulator gameplay, as well as throwing in exciting combat! This version of Sakura Stand is a complete remake of the previous game, with even better features. At the moment, the game is playable, but still in development – and there’s only one main developer!

You can learn more about it on the game’s official Roblox page. We also have a Sakura Stand Codes – New Codes guide, and a Sakura Stand Astolfo Guide – How to Obtain and More guide.

Herrscher Of Human Ego Sakura Stand

We will break the rest of this guide down into sections for clarity so you can skip to the exact bit you need!

How To Obtain Herrscher Of Human Ego – What Is It?

The Herrscher of Human Ego isn’t new to the game, but still eludes many players which is why we assume you’re here! This weapon is split into two which are the Herrscher of Human Ego Bow, and the Herrscher of Human Ego Staff. The variations for this elite weapon can be obtained through the Arrow of Novae Banner. This does make both the staff and bow semi-limited since banners refresh and expire after some time.

This SSR reward has a 0.5% chance of being pulled from the banner. Plus, on top of that, there is only a 50/50 chance to get the form making it 0.25% per 80 Tokens. If somehow you manage to exceed 8,000 Tokens the pity system will then kick in.

Bow Movesets

The Herrscher of Human Ego Bow comes stacked with moves to use, so here is a quick breakdown of what you’re in for!

  • M1: Shoot – Fire an arrow which travels straight to deal piercing DMG.
  • Holding M1: Infinite Helix – Same as M1 except multiple arrows are fired as opposed to just one.
  • E: Lost Shard – Fire at the ground causing an explosion which impacts any local targets.
  • R: Spirit of Origin – This move can be used without having the bow equipped. A targeted foe will be dealt explosive damage.
  • T: Pristine Shard – This move can be used without having the bow equipped. It targets a user and fires three projectiles.
  • Y: Dormant Seeds – Once a projectile lands on a target a small AoE circle is set which deals DMG so long as the target is within the range.
  • F: Block – Throws up your shield taking less DMG and being more effective than other blocking methods. This move follows with a parry.
  • H: Colliding Path – This move unleashes a pulling vortex which doesn’t deal with DMG, but does huddle enemies together for a combined attack.
  • G: Radiant Destiny – This move is essentially your Domain Expansion. Players, bosses and dummies will be forced into the domain where you receive a 30% DMG buff.

Staff Movesets

Whilst still capable of being a formidable weapon the Herrscher of Human Ego Staff has less to offer versus the bow.

  • M1: Shattered Transience – Typical melee combo that finishes with a projectile.
  • Y: Origin Dive – The user dives underground and then crashes upwards through the Earth to deal heavy one-shot DMG.

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