Heroes of Crown Tier List – All Characters Ranked


Not sure which character to add to your party? Well, that’s exactly what our Heroes of Crown tier list is here to help you with. In this guide, we rank all of the characters from the heights of S tier to the depths of D tier. That way, you’ll have a great understanding of what the best characters are, and can skip the rubbish ones. We keep it updated too, alongside new character introductions and balance patches, so bookmark this page and check back often.

Heroes of Crown is an idle gacha game that you can play right now. You collect a wide variety of characters, create a party out of them, and send them out into a wide variety of autobattles. There’s a strategy to creating parties though, as you strive to create combos of different heroes to increase their power. That’s incredibly important during PVP, though you’ll need it for the most challenging PVE battles too.

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Heroes of Crown Tier List

Last checked for new characters and balance changes on September 26.

Below, we’ll rank all of the heroes from the heights of S tier to the depths of D tier.

S Tier

The absolute best characters in the game, which are well worth rerolling for.

  • Adjudicator Anubis
  • Blade of Shadows Arlune
  • Elementalist Grail
  • Full of Destruction Morrian
  • Lord of Time
  • Malicious Puppet Andrew
  • Seductress Lilith
  • Sinister Dragoon Brunnhilde
  • Super Twins Bella and Ella

Heroes of Crown Tier List – A Tier

Solid characters that are great for filling in gaps in your team.

  • Baby Shark Pearl
  • Blazing Heart Marloc
  • Blessed Guardian Garde
  • Celestial Spear Veya
  • Master Dragon
  • Rose Princess
  • Scarlet Velvet Mousse
  • Shield of Partha Sera
  • Sword Master Sylvie
  • Tempest Dragon
  • Valkyrie Arvette

B Tier

Decent heroes that will carry you through the game. Replace them when you get better options.

  • Armored Mech Omega
  • Dragon Princess Nerishta
  • Daughter of the Sea
  • Endless Flame
  • Endless Storm
  • Flower Frenzy Kin
  • Howling Wind Terrastoya
  • Lunar Shadow Alutan
  • Might of Partha
  • Oni-Mak Ronin Genkuro
  • Revenant Knight Alex
  • Underworld Strider Sardimund

Heroes of Crown Tier List – C Tier

Can fulfil niche roles, or help you during the early game, but are otherwise not worth using.

  • Axe Berserker
  • Daughter of Nature
  • Devil Devourer Aigre
  • Frost Spirit
  • Iron Fist
  • Lord of Artemis
  • Mournful Hunter Barton
  • Night Owl Baldur
  • Sea Witch

D Tier

Avoid these characters at all costs.

  • Ancient Warlock Ariel
  • Astral Guardian
  • Blade of Storms Saru
  • Daughter of the Sea Alargatis
  • Doomsayer Lance
  • Fruit Candy
  • Halberd of Exile
  • Ice Guard Gawain
  • Mad Inventor Toto
  • Molten Fury
  • Savage Beast Alpha
  • Wandering Night
  • Water Sage
  • Wild Huntress

And that will do it for our Heroes of Crown tier list. Make sure to grab the game via the links at the top of this page, check out our related content in the third paragraph, and bookmark this page to check back soon for updates.

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