Hello Stars Tips, Cheats, and Strategies


Hello Stars has been on Android and iOS for a while, but it’s growing quite the audience. It’s simple and short stages – which see you effectively ruining a poor guy’s day by hitting him with various projectiles – has struck a chord with a huge number of people.

Despite its basic set up it’s not an easy game though. In fact it can sometimes be downright infuriating. Then there’s the initially befuddling stage screen which you can upgrade with various trinkets.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help with a comprehensive list of general tips and tricks to make sure that you keep grabbing those sweet three star ratings for each and every level.

  • Small shapes Pretty obvious, but creating small shapes with your ink is often the way to go. Not only does it help you grab those three star ratings, but also help you make sure you don’t massively over or under shoot your projectile.
  • More complex Many stages require a bit more finesse though, and need you to create more complex shapes in order to stop falling obstacles and the like. When you do finally stumble on the correct shape to make – such as a zigzag – feel free to restart and just draw it a bit smaller if you didn’t nab that three star rating. More often than not that’ll do the trick.
  • Finger on the pulse Remember, once you’ve made that first shape gravity kicks in – making every item drop. So it’s often a much better tactic to keep your finger down and create a shape with one single stroke – rather than adding line after line.

  • Restarting not a crime It can feel a tad embarrassing restarting levels, and it can be too easy to throw gallons of ink at a problem. Here’s our advice – just tap the restart button and begin from scratch. There’s no penalty for doing so.
  • Cluedo Restarting isn’t a crime, and neither is using the clue function. This costs coins, but you also often just watch an advert to be given that solution to a particularly tricky conundrum. You can only gain more coins by completing levels (or delving into the in-app purchases, but let’s not get into that), so sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and take the hint – literally.

  • Fan power To make levels larger you’ll need more fans whooping it up on the stage screen. Getting more loving followers we recommend splurging coins on improving your dance moves. If only improving your sweet moves was as easy in real life.
  • Merely cosmetic Most of the items the game tries to tempt you to spend your hard earned coins on won’t actually change anything in-game. Well you can change the appearance of your drawing line, but this is merely cosmetic. So instead focus on gaining more fans (as above) instead of sharpening your avatar’s gear.
  • Check out that chest If you must fall for the cosmetic add-ons then make sure you keep an eye out for the chests that crop up every now and then. They’ll give you all the flashy non-essential items your heart desires. Hopefully. Just make sure you ace the stages they turn up in.

  • Get the ball rolling If you’re really stumped you can tap the screen to create a dot. This will get the ball rolling – as long as it’s not started on a flat surface of course – and could help you see what kind of shape is needed to clear the level.
  • Check out the competition There’s the option after completing a stage to watch the very best Hello Stars players at work. It’s well worth looking the way they complete stages – they could well have a tactic you never even thought of, despite the game’s inherent simplicity.

Use these tips for yourself by checking out Hello Stars right now via the App Store and Google Play.

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