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Game Introduction – Hello Hero

Hello Hero is a social role-playing game from Fincon. In this game, you recruit heroes to help you fight back against hordes of demon-worshipping enemies.  Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you get a good start on making pals with other heroes.

Tips and Strategies

Hello Hero

Attacking happens automatically – You might be a little confused by Hello Hero‘s battle system at first glance, but it’s actually very simple. Your heroes attack automatically when their turn comes up, and excepting skill inputs, you don’t have much control over their actions.

Tankers should go up front – Tankers are characters with a shield icon situated in the upper right-hand side of their character portrait. They have high defense and lots of hit points, making them ideal meat-shields for the rest of the party. Therefore, tankers should be positioned at the front of the party, the position enemies are most likely to attack. You can put non-tankers in front, of course, but they’re likelier to get creamed.

Stamina and Energy stack – Hello Hero runs on a stamina and energy system. Stamina is necessary for entering missions, and energy is used to access dungeons. Both stamina and energy are distributed regularly as rewards, and both stack. If you do run out of energy, you can wait for it to recharge, or buy more with premium currency (carats).

Keep healers busy – Healers have access to skills that let them restore party members’ hit points. It’s not a terrible idea to let them heal every chance they get, especially if you’re in a dungeon or up against a tough mission boss.

Hello Hero

Don’t dispose of your default healer until you get another – You should be given Ophelia, a healer, when you begin playing Hello Hero. Since hero recruitment is quite rare in Hello Hero, it might be a long time before you get another healer. Strengthen Ophelia until then, equip her well, and don’t use her as upgrade fodder.

Don’t forget to upgrade your heroes – If you’ve recruited heroes you know you’re not going to use, they can be used to upgrade your active party members. Upgrading heroes strengthens them and grants better level-up stat boosts. Beware, though: If you use a hero as upgrade fodder, they’ll disappear for good – even if your upgrade fails.

If you keep forgetting to use your skills, try the auto-attack option – If you keep forgetting to use your skills, or if you don’t think you’re using them efficiently, set your party on auto attack (available at level three). The game will queue up skills according to the battle situation.

Explore the dungeon for hero recruits, rare items, and other valuable prizes – Completing Hello Hero‘s dungeon quests are your best bet for recruiting rare heroes and scoring valuable items, but be careful. The challenge grows along with your party’s levels.

Hello Hero

Remember to check your mailbox regularly for gifts – Hello Hero rewards you with gifts from time to time. Don’t forget to collect these from your mailbox, as they disappear after a certain amount of time.

You can queue up skills even as they’re still in cooldown – If a skill is in cooldown mode, you can still queue it up. As soon as it’s ready, it’ll activate. Don’t forget, you can only queue up one skill at a time. If you choose another skill before the previous one is executed, the previous skill will be replaced.

Items can’t be removed or reused once they’re applied on a character, so use them carefully – You find items when you defeat enemies or clear dungeon floors. These weapons and pieces of armor can be used to strengthen your heroes – but once they’ve been applied, they can’t be unequipped. They can only be replaced. Equip with caution.

You can still input skills when the battle’s on auto – If your fight is on auto and you don’t like how things are going, you can override the AI by selecting your own skills. You don’t have to take the fight out of auto mode to do so.

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